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WIP/MOC: Central Station and layout

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I am making bigger my station and I am building aside a cargo terminal. So I share with you some pictures of the present state of my Layout and I hope to have comments and suggestions on how to make it better.

Let's start with the station:


It consists of 4 platforms and a main terminal building. The station is somehow inspired by the System sets although is quite customized. More pics:


In this picture you can see also my mini-sized ETR500 (frecciarossa) that is not as beautiful as the one posted by bmacro but it is "in scale" with my layout.


Let's go to the cargo terminal. This is inspired by the set 4555,although it is heavily customized as well. The crane is functional.



interiors are poor. There are control centers are the ground level as well as the upper floor.

And finally a custom element of my layout: the bridge and the tunnel.


you can also see a video here:

I am waiting for your comments suggestions!

:classic: :classic:

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