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Welcome to the 2014 Eurobricks Digital Contest for Ldraw and LDD tools.

This years theme is to create your LEGO dream home; build any kind

of building or construction that you'd like to live in - house, cottage, bioshpere, tree house...

This is the entry topic for the micro category

Please read the rules and post your model here.

  • One entry per member per class. You may enter one MOC in each of thee three classes (free build, microscale and rendering)
  • Entries are to be placed in the correct entry topic in this forum. Entries not in the correct entry topic are not eligible for voting.
  • You may create a separate topic for your creation in the specific theme forum (i.e not in the Digital Design forum), but you should also place your entry in the entry topic.
  • The entry post may be edited at any time up to the end of the contest, so feel free to make improvements if you wish.
  • Entries are to consist of no more than 6 posted pictures of 800x600 or smaller resolution. You may link to higher resolutions of course.
  • A little Photoshop is allowed for the picture, but only white balance, background editing etc. The model itself should remain unchanged.
  • You must share your digital file in the free build and micro-scale class. This is both to allow other people do judge your digital techniques when voting, but also to share in the spirit of the community.
  • You don't have to share the file in the rendering class. On the other hand, in the rendering class, you must (if you win) share how you did the render (it doesn't have to be a detailed guide, but some tips and tricks at least).
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that does not follow these rules.


If you want to show your model to other users and let them comment on your moc, just make a topic in the correct subforum like any other moc.

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Hi! Here is my entry for the Micro scale category. This is something more than a house: it is a palace... a model of an existing one! It is situated in the south of my country, Italy.

From Wikipedia:

The Royal Palace of Caserta (Italian: Reggia di Caserta, Italian pronunciation: [ˌrɛddʒa di kaˈzɛrta]) is a former royal residence in Caserta, southern Italy, constructed for the Bourbon kings of Naples. It was the largest palace and one of the largest buildings erected in Europe during the 18th century. In 1997, the Palace was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, described in its nomination as "the swan song of the spectacular art of the Baroque, from which it adopted all the features needed to create the illusions of multidirectional space"

I visited it many years ago and I guarantee that it is really spectacular!

I made a micro scale version which is 29 studs large and 30 studs long. Because of its small scale, I omitted many details, and this obviously makes my construction look a lot less spectacular than the original Palace; however, it is almost proportioned.

Seen from the back (gardens):


From above:


Front view:







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Here's my bourgeois red-brick city villa. It is roughly based on the Model Town House 4954, or rather Yeon Man Choi's mini version of it. I'm usually not that much into building micro scale, but I hope it's competitve enough anyway. Click on a thumbnail to get a bigger picture.


The car is an adaption of the Street Speeder 6743. Dustbin and downpipe are located next to the front stairs. The front door is flanked by two ancient lanterns. Note that the palm trees are made of plumed / feathered headdresses (6029b), which unfortunately do not exist in green in real life. An Indian Feather (30126) represents another sort of shrub and does not exist as that colour as well.


One wall is overgrown with ivy. Hopefully not the poison one.


The roof and the chimneys indicate that the house is presumably from the late Victorian era.


The roof overhang of the main building is not repeated at the garage. So maybe the garage wasn't included in the beginning, but added later, when cars became more popular.


The whole house including garage fits onto a 8×16 baseplate.


On this closeup you can recognize the shelf located inside the garage.

You may download the LDD LXF file here. Post comments and critics in this thread please.

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Here is my entry for Micro scale category. It is iron cast building heavily based on beautiful Singer building (NY).

I love Singer building and other iron cast building because they are beautiful, they have nicely detailed facades, big windows, and airy open spaces inside, making it a great place for studio like appartments.

It is kinda big, almost 30 studs tall, but it is less than a minifigure scale, so it should qualify for micro scale category.


13076426084_f6417d687b_c.jpg 13076235803_ba9cb916a8_c.jpg

Red Iron Cast Set on Flickr

Here is a link for LDD model file: ironcast1.lxf

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For my entry, I decided to go for the whole package. Not just the house, but also the surrounding grounds.

The house is of a round design, with large overhanging roofs and an internal garage. The garden is divided into areas that each have their own function.

This is the streetview of the house.


The next four pictures show different sides of the house and the areas of the garden.

Here is the drive, with parkingspace for multiple vehicles just outside the frontdoor. If you go to the right of the waterfeature you will get to the garage.


This is the lawn. A great space for the kids to play and if you like a little more privacy, there's a separate area just to the left, where you can find some peace and quiet.


Exit the house through the large glass doors and relax on the patio. Or go for a dip in the pool and then lay back on one of the deckchairs.

And if it gets too hot, you can take shade in the poolhouse.


And then there is the hedgemaze. Challenge your friends to see who is the fastest to get to the tree at the centre. The maze is part of the hedge that lines the inside of the outer wall. Some parts of the hedge protrude into the garden to separate the different areas.


Finally, a topview of the house and it's surroundings.


For extra (and bigger) pictures, a link to the gallery. This also contains the LDD-file.


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I designed my micro dreamhouse. And unlike most other houses, this one is located in SPACE! This house can be reached by Shuttle, or ofcourse by the elevator itself. Onboard are all the modern standards for a house, and even some small gardens (the large white bubbles) for relaxation and some ammounts of oxygen.

More can be seen here:

space elevator.lxf

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Hello everyone,

Let me introduce you to the modest house of my dreams.

It is a little house hanging on the cliff with an incredible views on the ocean and a litle path to the beach.

The LDD file : Dream house contest v2.lxf

I wish you a very good contest,


PS : I am interesting by your advices


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Here is my entry to the Micro contest: A modest golden house with impressive postmodern architecture when you only take a closer look to the details, like the red roof top.


And here is the LXF:


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My entry for the Micro contest. Based on a lovely guesthouse in Northern Hungary where my girlfriend and I used to spend a few days.


And the lxf file: micro woods.lxf

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This build was based on nothing in particular. I just thought I'd have some fun and try something new. I have never built in micro-scale before, and I think this turned out pretty well. Behold the mansion!







The images are supposed to link to larger-sized ones, let's see if it turned out right. :grin:

.L3B File

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This is my entry; it is based on some ideas I had about an ideal house, I work in microscale rarely but I think it came out very well.





The photos can be found on my Flickr and I attached the LDraw files in a zip on this post :classic:

EB Contest House Micro

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This dream home complex features breathtaking 360 degree views. The mainland features easy access parking and storage. A quick ride across an aerial cable car brings you to the main living quarters built into a giant rock spire.

A large wind turbine and two solar power arrays provide electricity. The small building at the base of the living quarters contains a water desalination system and waste management. A small dock provides the perfect platform for kayaks and other small vessels.

An automated lighthouse warns passing ships.



Ocean Perch.lxf

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The Bio-Home

Here's my futuristic Bio-Home, a house built to support mankind even if the world floods. It features 4 living domes, a pool, a greenhouse, a jetty, veg plots, a wind turbine, a biodome, a courtyard, an outside garden and a 360o view of the Atlantic Ocean!



More pics available on my flickr, but why bother? Just download the LXF file and build it yourself!

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My dream home is the Lake House.


The architecture is modern style using lots of glass and wood to create a comfortable living atmosphere. The lake front features rooms open to the sun and with great views. Additionally there is a deck right on the lake shore with a boat bridge.


The street front windows are a bit smaller to give some privacy but there is a generous entrance area. The straight lines of the architecture are loosened by different angles, edges and balconies.


The model features full interior design with rooms and furniture on three levels. The upper level contains the master bedroom and a guest room, additionally two bathrooms, several terraces and a big hallway with plants.


The main level shows among other things a big living room and cooking area as well as a study, including a black piano. :classic:


In the basement there is place for cars, another guest room, a living room with access to the lake terrace and a big entrance area.

I had a lot of fun building this and hope you like it, too!

To see how it's build or to build it yourself you can have a look at the LXF file. Have fun!

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Here's my dream home - Ocean Vistas - in micro scale. It's a minimalist home, built on the side of a cliff, nestled amongst the trees, with endless ocean views from wherever you are the house. There's also an infinity pool, surrounded by a deck, and a black HSV parked outside.





It was built using Bricksmith - here is the file.

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Here's my entry for the competition and also my dream home.

It's located in the old city centre of the fourth biggest city in The Netherlands: Utrecht. The city where I currently live.

The building stansd along one of the canals in the city (Oudegracht).

You can see a reference picture by clicking here. I think it's obvious which building I build.



You can download the .lxf file here

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My dream home would be located on a hillside. Overlooking a valley and mountains in the distance. Probably somewhere in the Alps. Like Austria or Switzerland. The most beautiful views on earth are in the Alps. Warm in the summer, and lots of snow in the winter.

The house would be a scandinavian, functional design with wood, concrete and glass. I would have a large basement to store all of my LEGO.




Link to LXF file: https://dl.dropboxus...lside_Villa.lxf

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My dream home is that kind of baroque architecture's building, you see below. It's a (my) manor house and I'd really like to live there.

I imagine to have plenty of rooms with high stuccoed ceilings inside. Outside a large garden (in this case limited to 30x30 studs :wink:)

with trimmed hedges and of course a fountain.

With my entry I focused on the execution of the exterior view. So I did no interior which especially is caused by the complex construction

of the facade respectively the doors and windows. Anyway - I hope you like it though!

First of all I give you some LDD screenshots of the model. I think I can also uplaod some renderings the next few days.

Edit: Here are some renderings of the model:






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Hello everybody,

after I finished my main entry for the contest, I decided to build also a quick one for micro build. It's nothing overwhelming, just some random "contemporary" design, but could go "nuts" with tiles, which was quite fun.

Here the pictures:







Here is the link to the SR 3D Builder file: micro.l3b

Good luck to all competitors and happy voting!

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Ok, I will close this topic now.

Thanks everyone for the amazing entries. The quality of the buildings is very high. :thumbup::classic:

I think voting will be difficult for everyone...

The voting will start in a few days, more details will follow.

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