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Captain Braunsfeld

Jupiter 2.0

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[pid][/pid] 155A

Good evening to you all!

Some time back I had presented the Jupiter, a creation of my youngest son.

And you also may recall that the ship fell from his hands to turn into a pile of bricks...


BUT: We have roughly reassembled it, then I was able to purchase a few more yellow slopes and (this time) together we have created the next version: Jupiter 2.0! :pir-sweet: :pir-sweet:

I was able to help to stabilize a few parts, however, we lost some aspects which were realistic.


Yes, it (she? he?) is still very yellowish and could also be extended (but that would be 3.0) but we are already sufficiently happy with the result :pir-grin:

This is where the name comes from:


and here is the name:


The rudder has remained:


next to it there is the ship's oven.

The captain's cabin:


The lower deck looks like this:


... and everything is overall modular:


What we had to skip were several elements, which might not be found missing in the first place:

- the lower ends of the masts were found in the lower deck as well

- the masts were intended to consist of two parts, which looked great but was very instable

- the capstan was also removed from the lower deck:


... it might return in version 3.0.

So this is our latest update, please enjoy or give us hints what to improve.

Until next time

Captain Braunsfeld

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Well, it's a fairly good vessel. In fact, it reminds me of the ship from Pirates: Band of Misfits.

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