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LDD MOC: Brick Railway Systems #1227, 2-8-4 Steam Locomtive

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I bought some instructions from Anthony Sava's BrickLlink store the other day, and finally finished MODing the model in LDD. The instructions I bought were very easy to understand, and If your thinking of buying them, do it. You won't regret it! :wink:

...Anyway, I haven't come up with my usual backstory yet, so here are my pics.


The locomtive is number 1227, and was built in 1933 by Lima Locomotive Works for Brick Railway.


The white tiles on the tender / cab are supposed to be printed, and in real life will say:

Sides of cab: 1227


Rear of tender: BRS (or maybe 1227, I haven't decided on this yet)


Inside of the cab. The slopes will be replaced with two printed pieces, and the firebox door is also a placeholder. I really enjoyed redoing this model, and making into my style.

Once again I wish to thank you, Mr. Sava, as you design really thought out, good looking engines' & rolling stock. I give you :thumbup: :thumbup: for excellence and ingenuity.

(NOTICE: NO instructions will given here or anywhere else by me, so don't even ask, as I don't want to take away Anthony's hard work and give it away for free. If you really want it, buy the instructions & modify it.)

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Hello !

Where / how to find the Anthony Sava's BrickLlink store on bricklink (sorry I'm a newbie and I have just created my bricklink account).

SavaTheAggie is Anthony S. if I undersdand well ?

Sorry if my post is not well placed (it's a pure briclink question and / or maybe I should ask SavaTheAggie directly).

Thanks for your help,


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