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Crawler crane

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Hello again!


Technical data

Length of superstructure~35 st

Height ~80 cm

Capacity~150 g

Weight: 2.6 kg

Drive: 2XL (3:1) placed in superstructure

Others: 1M to rotating a superstructure (~12:1); 1M to lifting a main jib (something around 3.5:1); 1M to hook (3:1)

I build this MOC because I really want to take break from my next Trial Truck. Let's start with visual part: when I started this project, I want to make a model of Liebherr LR1100, with Mammoet color scheme, because my last MOC were just black. But when I building it I understand that mine skill of building realistic models were just "born" and should grow up, and I gave up first plan.


Technically MOC is quite simply, but it's my first MOC in a lot of category, so I want to do some "experiments". Drive through a turntable inspired by Maciek16's version of it, ballasting-I want to build another crane and focus on it because in this I failed that target. At start I decided to make 2 sections jib and make of 2 BBox and bricks counterweight. When I made a main jib, I saw a bottom of my liftarms container, so there is only 1 section that doesn't really need a lot of ballast, so back of superstructure is very, very low.




Miniatures thanks toSariel's generator

02.jpg_thumb.jpg 04.jpg_thumb.jpg 11.jpg_thumb.jpg 07.jpg_thumb.jpg

Happy NEW Year!!


PS:Sorry for my language :)

PS2:Why pasting a youtube video doesn't work?

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I don't venture into the technic subforum all that often but I hate it when a thread has no replies when it's a MOC.

Boy I'm happy I stopped by.

Is this a MOC or an actual set? It's amazing, and very accurate. On my drive home to my parents house there is a coal mine and they have one of these super gigantic cranes and thsi looks alot like it, and very accurate as I just realized I already said.

I'm at work so I can't watch the youtube vid but I'm under the impression that it's powered. I can't wait to see it.

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Keep on trying and MOC-ing, and soon you will be able to build a stronger crane, that will be able to lift more weight.

Big Cam, no offence, but you are really lost at technic :) There are no sets that detailed and the crane is motorised with power functions, he wrote it. And you can see the IR receiver at the back.

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For a first try at this kind of machines, it is really good.

I like how you implemented all of the main functions in it, and drive through turntable is a nice touch, although I prefer drive motors to be mounted beneath the superstructure.

Visually, it is also very good.

There are room for improvements, first some kind of roller bearing around the turntable to avoid such a tilting when crane is lifting something, second I would reduce rotating speed, it looks quite unrealistic and dangerous to brake something inside in a case of sudden stop.

The model is quite big, and I like that fact.

I am also building a (little bigger than your) crawler machine, so I can see here how motors behave under load.

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Thanks for your comments. Milan- motors haven't got any problems under a load and turntable is a little bit unstable without a counterweight but without it rear of that crane is just a hole :)

Looking forward for your crawler machine


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