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[MOC] The band of the Wolf and their hideout

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At the lake of the windy mountains, far up north, a lone tower stands to guard the hideout of the band of the Wolf.

After pillaging the villages down river, Asger looks as his men bring in the loot.


The band of the Wolf hideout by Ids, on Flickr


The band of the Wolf hideout - details by Ids, on Flickr


And the band of the Wolf:


The band of the Wolf by Ids, on Flickr

A fearless band of robbers of the north, led by Asger (middle). 

From left to right:
- Bjørnar, as strong as a bear, wielding a double bladed ax.

- Karina, quick in the night, with her two daggers, she can strike down any soldier before they even see her.

- Asger leader of the band of the Wolf, who is a master with his spear.

- Ingólfr, right hand man of Asger, always keeping his calm, even when Asger is in battle, he always keeps an eye on him to keep him safe.

- Agnar, fearless with a sword or a crossbow.


This build started of course with the minifigs, then I build a boat for them because they somewhat reminded me of some Vikings (especially when I named them), thus I gave them a Viking inspired boat.

The tower originally was planned as a tower in the lake, but I moved it to shore and added a docking area for the boat.

Thanks for looking, let me know what you think.

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This does have a very northern feel to it.  The build is nicely detailed and I like the snow effect throughout the build.  The figs look great too.   

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Great diorama! I like the tower in the winter landscape very much.

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