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LEGO Dots 2022

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By popular request, a new thread for a new year of Dots! :wink:

LEGO Dots 2022

Lets's start with some of the new releases:

41946: Extra DOTS – Series 6


41944: Candy Kitty Bracelet & Bag Tag



41952: Large Message Board



41949: Creative keyrings



Like last year, aside from the assortment of bracelets, colourful little tiles and printed decorations, the theme brings us some innovations: charm elements, keyrings and wall signs. And also: translucent quarter circle tiles! :excited:


Will you be picking up any of the sets? Is the theme worth more than the sum of its parts to you? Do you think the wall signs are low-key LEGO Art sets, or are Art sets just fancy Dots sets? Discuss!

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I'm interested to see what's in 41950: XXL supplementary set

It looks to be a set like 2021 Lots of dots, but with quarter round bow tiles : 


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Looks like a good start to the new year! There's a couple more sets that you haven't added to the first post, by the way—[url=]Brickset[/url] has the full list so far.

41942 Into the Deep Bracelet with Charms and 41943 Gamer Bracelet with Charms. The Into the Deep bracelets look fun, though I'm still not a huge fan of the thinner bracelets since it's harder to make a continuing, varied pattern on them. I feel like the jellyfish patterns on this one would look cooler on one of the two-wide bracelets, where you could extend the trailing tentacles even further. The Gamer Bracelet, on the other hand, looks incredibly solid. I love the simple yet effective controller pattern made with just one printed tile, and the "GAME OVER" tiles look like they could be fun for a lot of different things! The charms for these bracelets look fun, though I might have to reserve judgment on them until I have them in hand. Hopefully they're light and dangly enough that they won't get caught on things and pulled off with just a one-stud attachment.

For some reason the Candy Kitty and Neon Tiger bracelet and bag tag combos appeal more to me more than many of this year's bag tags. Maybe it's the fact that many of the printed parts look versatile, or maybe just that it includes a classic bracelet along with the bag tag. The very Lisa Frank-esque aesthetic of them doesn't hurt, either—both of them have a really strong visual identity.

Extra Dots Series 6 looks incredibly solid—I'm personally glad that after the more gimmick-y Series 4 the Extra Dots packs have mostly "returned to form" with tiles and printed parts that work better on their own, as opposed to needing to be arranged with other tiles to complete a full image. By the way... is it just me or has Series 5 been hard to find? I don't think I've seen it in any stores even though it's supposedly been out since June. I really hope I haven't missed out on that one altogether, because it looked really nice.

I don't really have anything to say about 41948 Cute Banana Pen Holder. I'm generally less interested in the "desk accessory" sets than I am with the bracelets, bag tags, and extra packs with their printed or otherwise unique sorts of tiles.

41949 Creative Keyrings, on the other hand, is quite exciting! The new keyring tags seem perfectly sized for customizing, and from the looks of it (granted, only one image so far) it seems to include the same letter tiles from the Creative Designer Box set this year, but in a cheaper package! This could be one of those sets where it's really worth it to buy multiples to stock up on letter tiles.

Finally, 41950, 41951, and 41952 represent an interesting new extension of the Dots theme. 41950 seems designed largely to supplement the latter two sets and seems to include larger 2x2 quarter circle tiles for large lettering. From the one grainy image we have of it, it also seems like it might contain a decent number of parts in the new Vibrant Yellow color. 41951 and 41952 are large message board sets and include two new parts in both—a 1x4x2/3 semicircular bow piece (which has also been seen in one of the new architecture sets) and a 2x2x2/3 semicircular bow corner piece (which has so far only been spotted in these two sets). Both parts look quite exciting, especially for applications like this where you'd otherwise need a long row of the existing 1x1x2/3 bow brick. The large hanging message board concept of these sets also looks like fun, with plenty of customization potential.

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