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Darth Bjorn

[J12 - Atrisia - TIC] Specialist and Elite Agents CMF

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From left to right:

  • Two Imperial Consortium Mustafar Stormtroopers. Probably deployed on several imperial remnant worlds.
  • Imperial Consortium Sharpshooter. Some veteran divisions within the remnant started painting their helmets, with their division marks, and achievements.
  • Stygian Caldera Society agent and assassin, colloquially referred to as Blood Hoods.
  • Two SCS Black Ops troopers (sharpshooter and assassin/spy)
  • Another SCS agent, heavily inspired by the Cobra villain, the Baroness.


From left to right:

  • CorSec female Iktotch agent
  • Heavily modified B1 Battle Droid working as muscle for the Black Sun
  • New Republic Starhawk Command ace pilot
  • Chiss Ascendancy Rin'vt tuv Guardian
  • Dark Covenant Jedi killer and hunter of Sith arcana
  • Another modified droid working as muscle for the Black Sun
  • Black Sun Falleen agent
  • Ex Haxion Brood bounty hunter, now working for the Black Sun


Below is a few inspirational sources. Let me know what you think - thanks. :)


Some of the concept art that inspired the figs of this entry...



The mustafar stormtroopers:


Scout trooper with helmet markings


Cobra, The Baroness


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That B1 Battle Droid reminds me of Mr. Bones. A very nice set of figures overall.

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