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The tower near Oldfell (+HSS)

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- This is robbery! - shouted the pig herder, to the guard. - I won't pay one and a half pig for safe passing on the road! This is madness!
It was a lazy day in the middle of autumn. The small outpost was filled with pigs. Their loud grunting could be heard from miles. The gentle wind started moving the stench around. In this situation, everyone could lose their patience...

- Madness or not, this is the toll, to keep you safe from the brigands in the woods. - reply calmly the officer. He was a bit tired, almost every fourth traveler or merchant argued about the high taxes. This year wasn't too so pleasant in the country, so Conrad raised the toll, for using the roads crossing Deep Garden. - If you wish, you can try to use the wilderness, to travel, but for your own risk.

- Fair enough! - and the herder started driving away his pigs. - I bet the brigands won't be that harsh!


"Fool" ran through the thought in the officer's mind. "He will learn it the hard way, hehe". He watched as the herder navigated his pigs away from the post. The next two travelers tried to avoid them as they approached. Not much happened with them, they simply paid the toll, and they were on their way, to the market. But the next one. An ox pulled wagon, with a huge slab of marble. With each turn of the wheels made, the whole wagon squeaked painfully. The owner was a merry fellow, he whistled an unknown tune, while he arrived at the barrier, and made the wagon stop.

- What's your business here? And what's your shipment? - asked the officer, but he already knows it. only formalities.

- By the grace of the Traveler, I came from Mitgardia, to deliver this huge marble block, to the local sculptor. - He stopped for a brief moment, just to pull ut a paper from his pocket, to check something. - To Markol's Stonecuts.


- Marble you say. - smiled the officer. - Fair enough, just let me check this week's charts, how is your toll will be calculated. What is the weight of your shipment?

- Actually. - the man interrupted the officer and handed over the previous paper. - This document provides us safe passage on every road and free of taxes.

- What? - took the paper, and started to read it half aloud: -"... the owner of this document...",  "... free passage in Avalonia..." ... Hm.. hm.. hm... By the Pick-a-Stone stonecutters? - wondered the officer. - And for what reason?

- Markol ordered eight huge white marble blocks, from the stonecutters. But one of them was damaged in the unloading. The dwarves quickly dispatched this block, and gave this document to me, so no one will bother me with taxes.  

- I see. - scratched the back of his head the officer. - Why does the sculptor need that much marble? Not curious, I just need to write in the... In the daily report, yeah!

The officer looked to the other soldiers, maybe one of them heard about this Eight Patrons or at least one of them. He looked back to the man and shook his head: - Never heard of them. Who are they?

- They are our gods! Each of the guards a profession, and help those who belong to that profession. Like: I'm a traveler, so, my god is The Wanderer. He is the god of exploration, curiosity, adventure, and so on. And every god has a counter god. For example, The Wanderd's counter god is The Wife. She is the guardian of the house and family, patron of women, and so on.

- Alright... - said the officer, and ordered his man to lift the barrier. - I bet you are in hurry, so we won't keep you here any longer. - and he stood aside, so the wagon can go on its way.

- Boss... - a guard walked next to the officer after the wagon was far. - What was this blatter all about? Have you heard anything about these eight pardons?

- Patrons... - corrected his man the officer. - And no, never heard about them. But I'm sure Conrad didn't hear about this too. - he sucked his nose. - Get me a pigeon...

A few moments later the bird was on her way. The officer followed it as far as he can, with his sight.


Daylight turned to dusk and followed by night. The traffic slowly decreased, but life in the small guard post didn't stop. The soldiers outside just finished dinner, the officer inside filled the charts, about the income.

- Boss! - shouted the lookout. Brem has signaled to us, is it safe for them, to come?

"Finally" Now we can see the day's real tax. - Yes, tell them, the coast is clear! - shouted back.

The lookout grabbed the lamp next to him, and wave it, in the air. A few minutes later, three black-cloaked figures emerge from the darkness, with some cattle. The officer came out from the post


- Good evening. - greeted them. - I see, you meet with the pig herder. - pointed towards the pigs.

- Aye! What a fool! - laughed the one who was called Brem and the others.

- What else is did you get? - wandered the officer's look from the pigs to the sacks.

- Not much. - shrugged Brem. - Spice, some coins, and other small valuables...

- Boss! - interrupted the conversation one of the alleged robbers. - When will our shift end? Those berries killing my tummy, and we got only big leaves in the forest, which feels like sandpaper...

-Don't worry about that. Conrad will send the next shift, to replace us. - he looked around at his man and smiled. - Maybe, they won't be little princesses like you.

The outpost filled with laughter. And grunting. And pig stench.


Without the edits.



HSS entry.

Also, wanted to start my HSS too, with this build.
Military - Tower

The small tower of Oldfell was recently raised next to an abandoned house, to monitor those who visit Deep Garden. To ensure road safety the guards take a small toll, on the passengers. There are still dangers in the wilderness. *wink*




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Very nice build! The interior details look wonderful!

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Lovely work, SIr Kahir!
I love the mix of tudor and stone tower. Great work with the uneven base and nice after effects in the darkened night pics.

That roof is impressive! I like the birch tree and the bushy foliage, too. 
And I'm loving the whole action with the pigs!


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Wow!  What a beautiful build, and congrats on getting a front page!  I really like this build for a lot of reasons.  The flipper roof looks fantastic, and I love how it was haphazardly repaired with wooden boards.  The brick built door looks great, and I like the older feel of the timber portion of the building.  The inclusion of dark grey with dark bley looks good, and gives the build some subtle character.  The fall foliage on the birch tree contrasts well with the white house, and you did a great job edging the build with two sets of trees, yet still have the taller tower drawing the eye in the middle.  I love that you have an interior, and how the picture on the wall is askew--the soldiers probably don't care even enough to take it down, let alone straighten it!  The irregular base and irregular angles make the whole scene come alive and feel more organic.  I love the nighttime shot, and the glow to the window makes me think of the old 1980s and 1990s Lego catalogs where they would do shots like that at night.  Nice story to go along with it, too!  It will be interesting to see where  the patrons go!

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I really enjoyed the story! It's interesting and well-written, and it's really nice to look at all the details that change in the build along with the story.
(You may have put the wrong picture link for the third illustration though, as I see that your Flickr page features a photo with the marble wagon that is not on this topic.)

The build itself is great too, as previous commenters said the use of the flippers for the roof is very clever! The interior looks nice, with enough space for all the loot.

PS : Pick-A-Stone stonecutters...That's a great business name and an awesome nod! :laugh:

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2 hours ago, Aurore said:

You may have put the wrong picture

Oh damn. Thank you for warning me, I corrected it. 


Wao, so much happened, never thought I would reach the front page. :D 

Thanks for all the positive feedback, it is great! I saw this roof technic somewhere, sorry, I can't tell, where do I first saw it, even if you stone me. :D But I really liked it too, it was a great hunt for them, visited so many shops. 

For the night time picture, I must thank that, my fiance. I only asked her, to help with PS, so I could add some more details for this, but she took control and made the whole picture. So, the idea was mine, but all the credits go for her. Next time, I will do it.

Also, thank you @Grover for giving me tips and tricks with photographing. Looks like it really helped a lot! :D

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The tower is a strong section of this build for me and I love the flipper roof technique--eventually I'll have enough flippers to try it myself!

I think the hap hazard vegetation detracts some from this MOC though.  I wonder what it would look like if you only used the flower stem piece, or if you didn't use any of the flower stem pieces.

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