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Dear all,

I´ve got a major problem with my LDD and i don´t know what happened. Today i launched the software as usual. Right after startup, when the start-screen with the latest six models appears. Some of the previews aren´t shown correctly. There are only red bricks with red exclamation marks. When i try to open one of these files LDD tells me that a bunch of parts, in some case over 200 have been removed. And that´s how the models look like, a bit like a piece of cheese, with many holes and open surfaces. The next error i´ve got is the part-libary on the left, the four last categories do not have a specific picture, they´re all the same and marked with a red question-mark. It also seems to my that the parts in the other categories are mixed and not sorted like they should be.

Downloading again and reinstallation did not bring any success. 

I also tried to get it running with an older backup version on my external hard-drive but that wasn´t working too. What makes me wonder is that the Assets.lif file is different in size.

Could the problem be here? Could the part-libary be damaged? Is there any possibility to fix that?

With kind regards



49070229626_6bbbe7f1f0_c.jpg  49069708698_ce70a397da_z.jpg  49070437617_ccde0689fe_z.jpg   49070229516_bf967907f5_b.jpg


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Are you trying version 4.3.12?

If so, go back to 4.3.11, 4.3.12 is not an upgrade, it’s a shame.  (See the other topics about 4.3.12 and 4.3.11 on Win10 for explanations and links.)


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Assets.lif isn't actually what LDD loads the brick database from, oddly. It contains a file called db.lif, which is then copied to AppData, and that file in Appdata is the file that's maintained and updated - and reinstalling the program doesn't delete it, IIRC. Assuming you're on windows, you'll find it under C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\LEGO Company\LEGO Digital Designer. That's what you'll want to delete or replace, possibly along with other files around that location.

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