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Hi. I'm a Lego Technic MOC builder but when I got into Lego years ago I have got a lot of sets and made some... interesting MOCs. :classic:

I'm considering to change up my display setup to make it look better, and I thought asking for advice and suggestions would be a great idea.

Here's the collection as of now:


The left shelf has my MOCs and the right shelf has sets and space MOCs. (The posters above are going to be removed)


Left Shelf

On the top of the left shelf are cars I made over 3 years ago. They're not pretty, and I probably won't be taking them apart for new builds since I'm giving my full time to Technic.

On the middle of the shelf is some custom Bionicle figures I made as part of a weird story I made on the now defunct gallery.

On the bottom of the shelf is a... quirky house with a living room, kitchen, closet, bathroom, and bedroom that I made probably four years ago, broke, and rebuilt. It serves no use and its use as a display piece is kind of worthless, but it's one of the biggest things I built at the time.

The playground on the middle shelf used to be connected to the right of the house. It hurts to remember having it on my dresser not playing with it because the house wasn't pretty. :sadnew:

I should rebuild the house into something new but I'm keeping it as a memory and since all the pieces are a different color and I have no idea what to build.


MineCraft Display

A ton of MineCraft sets I got to connect to each other and make a cool display. Unfortunately I ignore it often and never got to my plans to put a MineCraft wallpaper up to make it look like a set box, but I'd like to.


Right Shelf

Just built sets and space MOCs I made forever ago. :alien:


Top Shelf

I expanded the shelf above by placing two poster frames and holding them up with a bar mounted in the wall, making it easy for removal and since I don't want to use a permanent structure.

I like it but it's impossible to see items placed all the way back, so I don't know if I want to keep it or not.


Here's the bar it was on...


And here's the shelf I put the boards on top of.

A lot of the items on the shelves are builds I don't have as much interest in as the large Creator cars I want to display here so I'm open for ideas. :classic: If this was your space to display your Lego collection, what would you do? How would you display creations you like and the ones that are not as interesting? :hmpf:

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Two things I always try to consider.

1. Put it behind glass to cut down on the dust. Dust is by far my biggest issue with displaying anything.

2. See what Ikea has. They make a lot of great display cases at a faction of the cost that I've seen else where. For about $130 you have about 5 or 6 options for glass enclosed cases.

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My personal approach for displaying Lego on a shelf is to create a scene, usually a panorama. A row of buildings and in front of that a bit of a street scene. That doesn't takes away terribly much space in depth and can relatively easily rearranged. 

I'm always reluctant when it comes to putting my collection behind glass. Yes, the dust builds up and it builds up fast, but I like the accessibility. Putting it behind glass feels to me like 'locking it away'. But that comes really down to personal preferences.

In your case, I would consider getting taller and using the full width of the space you got and maybe simply putting several levels on top of each other, if the height of your sets allows. You always want to leave a bit of a margin on top of them, so they dont look like squeezed in.:wink:

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