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I have made LEGO 10020 on LDD with a yellow warbonnet and a B unit. I also have one in the blue warbonnet scheme and two other designs that use Earth blue . The point is that I'm afraid that Earth blue ,which is the most important color, will be hard and almost impossible to find in some cases. For example: 10020 Uses grilles and has some of those little doors (Part#: 3188/3189) and only one is sold from New Zealand in Earth blue.

So my question is: Where do you guys get rare colors in large quantities from? (Example: Earth green, Earth blue, Medium azur, Aqua)

ATSF F7 Yellow

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Bricklink would be my choice. Just find the part and then see what colors are available and put them on a wanted list to buy e.g. Then you can use "easy buy" to source the most cost effective purchase.

Just sort by sellers that will ship to you. Sometimes rare colors will be expensive. There also might be a better option in NZ, as I only purchase from US sellers that ship to my US address in Japan, otherwise shipping gets ridiculous.


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