Airplane Shooter

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Winterzeit ist Lego-Zeit.

Nach einer kurzen kreativen Pause melde ich mich wieder bei Ihnen.

Der Flugzeugschütze wird von 4 XL-Motoren angetrieben. Für die Beschleunigung habe ich 2 alte Lego-Motoren verwendet.

Viel Spaß beim schauen, Gruß üfchen.





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2 hours ago, msk6003 said:

Can I get instruction or detailed picture of airplane part? That looks good.

I think it may have some custom parts :grin:

Well, it's amazing model, no second thoughts. I was thinking about an airplane-mounted gun when read the tile (some like 6-8 barrel, rotates very fast etc.). Next to it, I saw the vehicle at the preview picture and said "hey, so it's a cannon that shoots at airplanes, like AA". But still never realized that it really shoot the airplanes themselves. What a mindtaking surprise!

By the way, nowadays there are a very few modes that use old "stud-age" motors. Great use of it as a fast and compact solution! :thumbup:

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