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My friend and I are working together on a project. He sent me a studio project file which I wish to open in LDD. I didn't manage to find an .lxf option in's export menu. Could anyone help?

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I don't think that will ever work because there are many LEGO parts found in that LDD does not have.

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You need to go through the LDraw format: export in ldr in Studio and then import the ldr in LDD.

Several problems:

  1. If you have groups, Studio exports an mpd, you need to flatten it (you can try mpd2ldr.html).  Of course, the groups are lost.
  2. You need an up-to-date ldraw.xml file in LDD (see this thread).  I’m also not sure if Studio exports pure standard LDraw (that is, only uses the parts in the Official LDraw Library) or not (like, e.g. using custom/renamed parts).  So parts could be imported in the wrong position and orientation, if at all.
  3. As Matthew says, a lot of parts are not in LDD.  So some parts won’t be imported at all.

You can also look in this forum about importing LDR in LDD.

At best, you’ll lost grouping, steps, and some parts, and need to tweak a lot of things, both ways.

Bad idea for a collaboration.

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