Neo Classic Moon base MOC- WIP

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Looks like a good start. :classic: I am right now tinkering a bit with classic space as well. Here are some of my thoughts: Maybe you add some classic space crater and landing pad plates. Maybe a monorail too, if possible. And generally speaking, the more antennas and futuristic structures are added, the merrier.:wink: It is good practice to not worry too much about technical accuracy or believability. Its the depiction of futuristic technology,  so all bets are off, what materials and devices are used. Feel free to go crazy with strucures! :wink:

I found the video sadly a bit too long for the relatively small amount of stuff to see. Maybe a more brief rundown of the base, with the longer video as optional in-depth material. Attention spans on YT are short...:wink:

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Looks really interesting. Planning a station on my own and this is very inspirational.

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