45678 LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

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19 minutes ago, Ludo Visser said:

This is LEGO official documentation? I thought all the efforts were community powered reverse engineering, but if there documentation support from LEGO I see a bright future!

i was really late to the PF1 party and feeling sorry for myself, but maybe I should be glad I didn’t invest that much money into PF1. Is there already a rechargeable battery available?

Yep, they’re official. It was community driven up until December, when Lego released those docs on LWP3. There’s still stuff that documentation doesn’t cover that we figured out though, so hopefully they keep expanding on it.

The only rechargeable batteries so far is for the WeDo 2.0 hub and SPIKE Prime hubs. Nothing yet for Powered Up or Boost hubs.

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9 hours ago, Aanchir said:

Let me flip that right back to you. "Is it really exclusionary to have "female colors"? Isn't it more sexist to assume that men are so weak minded as to turn away from a profession in STEM because the LEGO sets used to teach it weren't boyish colors?"

After all, the inclusion of colors like Medium Azur and Bright Reddish Violet (Magenta) in this set wouldn't be noteworthy at all if it weren't for their glaring absence from the color schemes of most other Technic-based sets and themes. White and Bright Yellow, of course, have always been pretty common in most themes, regardless of whether they're masculine-coded, feminine-coded, or neither, so I can't imagine they're what you're taking issue with.

For that matter, even Medium Azur has shown up in a few Technic sets by now, including https://brickset.com/sets/42059-1/Stunt-Truck (which paired it with white accents) and https://brickset.com/sets/42050-1/Drag-Racer (which actually paired it with Bright Reddish Violet accents, albeit as stickers rather than recolors). So this set's extensive use of Bright Reddish Violet building elements in a theme that's not specifically girl-targeted is basically the only thing about it that's too surprising compared to what we've come to expect.

That said, either version of the statement you gave is pretty absurd and reductionist, considering the colors in this set are no more inherently "girly" than the colors in many older Dacta, RoboLab, WeDo, and Mindstorms kits are inherently "boyish". Heavily masculine-coded themes and subthemes of the late 90s and early 2000s such as Cyber-Slam/Competition, CyberMaster, Throwbots/Slizer, early Mindstorms, early Racers, and early Bionicle) allused Bright Violet (Purple), Bright Bluish Green (Dark Turquoise), and Bright Yellow (Yellow) parts pretty conspicuously, sometimes all three together in the same set.

This set's colors roughly correspond to those same three colors, albeit adjusted slightly to form a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing triadic color scheme, and without first-generation Mindstorms sets' other extraneous colors like Bright Blue (Blue), Bright Red (Red), and Dark Green (Green) which reduced the color scheme into a random-looking mess. I'm not sure why anybody (regardless of gender) wouldn't see this as a vast improvement on the trying-too-hard-to-be-edgy brand identity that RCX-era Mindstorms, and EV3-era Mindstorms, and Power Functions were unfortunately saddled with.

If you genuinely feel like using a CMYK color palette is "sexist", though, I'm sure you can take it up with the printing department at your nearest office supply store! They could probably use a laugh!

:laugh: Forget the office supply store I'm gonna smash the printer with a base ball bat! Dambed sexist colour tones lol! Seriously though my comment was made in the context of other comments talking about the colour choices and how it may have something to do with not excluding girls. But I don't buy that as I don't believe either gender to be so weak minded. As I said it's an education set so the colours don't really matter. So if that was indeed TLGs reason for such an eyesore of a colour scheme it's not a very good one, but I don't think it is. I don't think it's anything to do with gender, just bad taste. Of course this is only my subjective opinion on a colour scheme, which is always right of course! :grin:


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10 hours ago, Mr Hobbles said:

Lego has not so far released documentation for the LPF2 wire protocol though, but I believe they plan to - the SPIKE Prime vision sensor has a removable back, exposing an 8-pin connector and enabling hardware enthusiasts to design and connect up their own motors and sensors. They'll need to release the LPF2 wire protocol publicly to enable people to do this.

Thank you very much for these very valuable insights! I am learning a lot here.

I do also believe that with the electronic circuitry available nowadays, much more flexible (and automatically detectable) I/O device attachment is realizable. Laptops detect whether or not a microphone or headphone is attached to the one jack available and so on. Plus with all the power of todays microprocessors/memory it is also firmware-wise readily doable. So from that perspective, I believe that everything in the new LPF2 etc pp devices will be compatible - at least to the event that nothing breaks.

I was more referring to the old stuff being "made compatible" using converter cables with the new stuff. Even there are >a lot< of possibilities. Restricted by the PF2 plug … which is of course just a "clip" away. In that regard it may be rendered difficult to come up (with a variety) of 9V-PF2, PF-PF2. etc. ready to go converter cables. As said, I am using the PF2 LED light for the plug, solder a 6 pin socket header to it and have full access to the e.g. Hub.No4 I/O ports. I guess this is the same approach you are talking about - 8 pins are OK as well, depends on the intelligent device I guess.

This is all very cool!

Best regards,


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On 4/3/2019 at 12:31 PM, R0Sch said:

It's strange that the part list shows only 4x 7 stud diameter wheels but this image shows two bigger 11 stud diameter wheels with different fixing points.

Yes. Is this big wheel a new part ? I can't find it on bricklink

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The larger wheel is indeed a new part, but it comes only in the 45680, the expansion of the 45678.

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