Faction: Black Sun

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Faction: Black Sun

Faction Leader: @dvogon

Headquarters: Nar Shaddaa

Planets: Coruscant, Darkknell, Ord Mantell, Nar Shaddaa

More than a year has passed since the destruction of the Falleen's Fist and death of prince Xizor. Though the blow was devastating the organisation did not fall apart just yet. Thanks to prince Xizor's niece Savan the Black Sun underwent some drastic changes. All nine Vigos were replaced by trusted individuals hand picked by Savan herself. The battle of Jakku is now over and resources of the Empire are almost depleted. The new Republic is also trying to lick the wounds and it is now time to start connecting smaller criminal organisations under one big faction and gain former glory. Black Sun will rise once more!

Savan with her personal body guards - members of Red Gauntlet.


If you are not much for the politics and the false order each side of the conflict was promising or just prefer to walk on the razor's edge for the profit the Black Sun is what you are looking for. Smugglers, spies, bounty hunters and all alike are welcome to join our mission to become the strongest faction in the galaxy. Help us destroy the Hutt Cartel, command a subsidiary clan or climb the ranks all the way to become one of the nine Vigos who are overseeing our operations in each of the nine sectors.


The current nine Vigos of the Black Sun from left to right:
Deep Core - Empress Teta: Nesa Daar
Core - Coruscant: Andrew Leacor
Colonies - Fondor: Vuddo Sheemee
Inner Rim - Manaan: Mirsara Sinlem
Expansion Region - Corsin: Antjos Waltho
Mid Rim - Ord Mantell: Gra Viek
Outer Rim - Darkknell: Neldepir
Hutt Space - Nar Shaddaa: Honul Fusado
Unknown Regions - Cioral: Zivesias

Although Savan's main quarters are still located on Coruscant, Black Sun has gained quite some enemies after prince Xizor's defeat. There was a need of another location crowded enough to get all the resources and supplies needed and to be able to lay low and run the operations under the radars of our enemies. Nar Shaddaa seemed to fit perfectly.


There seem to be a lot of holocron findings reported lately and it would be a shame not to gain some of the valuable information for ourselves. Not to mention the price these things reach on the black market! Once we gain more control over the systems around Coruscant, access to a lot more planets will be granted and our search will become much easier.


"The ignorant even call it the most powerful force in the known universe." - Darth Sidious about the Black Sun

Join the Black Sun and let's make all the rest think the same!

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Alphabetical list of active Black Sun members
@dvogon, @KuatBrickYards, @Merc4Hire@MstrOfPppts@Nicotoa@Rconn0, @starwarcam

Inactive or ex Black Sun members
@LegoPercyJ@pombe, @Ross Fisher, @Scorch93


How to become a Black Sun Vigo

- Gain 100 IP in the sector you want to become the Vigo of and control at least one planet in that sector by yourself (have 50 IP on that one planet).
- If the current Vigo is a NPC: create a MOC scoring at least 15 XP showing how you diplomatically or by brute force overthrew the current Vigo of the sector.
- If the current Vigo is a player: both players get a month time to create a MOC showing the plan how to become / stay the Vigo. Whoever scores the higher XP becomes / stays the Vigo.
- This last MOC has to take place on the planet the current Vigo is stationed on.

List of current Vigos

< stay tuned … check the intro post >


20190503 - Map update after gaining control of system L9.
20200710 - Added a list of inactive / previous members.

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Hi there fellas,

I am RC-2787, a Clone Commando Soldier... or better said, was... achh, whatever.
For outsiders it's Kyrand Harlitt, but my comrades keep calling me "Kyramud".
Kyramud is mandalorian and stands for "Killer".


Who am I? Well, it sounds a bit strange - nearly at the end of the Clone Wars, shortly after the beginning of Order 66, the Kaminoans got the order by the new Emperor, to fondle around with the genetics of us. Some time they tried something new - not to shorten the aging by half, no, they managed it, to slow the aging by half of a normal being.

But the Kaminoans didn't like to get interveined on their doings, so they mixed around and made the clones more... independently once more.
I am one of those last offsprings of that experiments.

So independence influenced thoughts come and go... well, to sum it up, we want to go back to the roots exactly, our Mandalorian roots. The Rebellion is more or less crushed, the Empire scattered across the galaxy - the old forces are no more.
And this exactly is our chance. Without the Sith or Jedi, the people of this galaxy won't stand us a chance. This time under the the command of the Black Sun. To be honest, our brothers amongst the real mandalorians or the clones are wide and thin spread across the whole galaxy. It'll be quite a challenge to gather them and unite them under the banner of the Black Sun to restore our glory and strength in galaxy once more.

As for a true mandalorian, I started to collect things from raided cities, or weapons and armours and thereby saving some credits. Sounds a bit bounty hunter and vagabond like, but that's the way it is and things go nowadays.
I don't have a ship right now, but this shouldn't be a big problem for long.

Hope you guys liked my introduction aaaaaand down there a complete view of my character. :D

32452393568_bfb74fff78_o.jpgKyramud by Michael K., on Flickr



for Sig-Ava purpose. 

DSC_0741_Ava_EB_2.jpg.6faaf251463a8ea7a3abc85635688fbb.jpg DSC_0741_Ava_EB.jpg.384327f489ce450ba1cb81f5c6250aa8.jpg

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[Backstory in progress]


Here is my sig-fig, Voba Rin. I took some liberty on the leg printing and removed the green bits (it actually came misprinted with the lines missing) but the rest of the figure is completely untouched. 



Edited by Merc4Hire

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Krue returns to Nar Shadaa

Krue's Diary - 3281 LY
Location: In transit to Nar Shaddaa
Well, it's over. To think, I got into this life because I thought that we could make a better future. 
I thought Red Key was supposed to be about tearing down governments, helping people to be truly independent. The Rebellion was happy to take advantage of us at first. But that quickly got awkward when they wanted to become "The New Republic". Of course, they shut us out the moment Mon Mothma kissed goodbye to those Endor fluffballs. 
And then that nutjob Lorgan decided he'd set himself up on Tatooine. Why you would want to that, I've no idea. I hate sand. 
So I got the heck out of dodge. Took the last of the creds he owed me and got the first ship out of there. The bad news is that this ship was heading straight for the Smuggler's Moon. 
So here I am. It's been fifteen years since I last saw home, and I have very little to show for it. No career (beyond slicing networks); no relationship that last longer than a month; no fame; no fortune. Despite all the things I shouted at my parents, I haven't made the galaxy a better place. 
And now I'm in the bowels of a refugee ship, watching womp rats fight for scraps in the filth. It sure *feels* like rock bottom...
I don't know. I guess, I need a game plan. Stop farting around with ideals. Start thinking about #1 for a change. The Hutt Clan are the major players on Nar Shadaa, but Black Sun have more opportunities. They care less about who you are, and they have major operations across the galaxy. If I want to get in and get on, they are my best bet.

Edited by Ross Fisher

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A rare hologram of Captain Sindeen Be and the crew of the Dark Ruby, taken on Nar Shaddaa.  Previous attempts at taking holograms have been scrambled.  Investigations have identified, from left to right, the droid F1-S2 (FISS), an unknown Jawa, former imperial stormtrooper captain Sindeen Be, and former imperial TIE pilot Karek Ghannik.  Reports indicate that they are smugglers associated with the Black Sun crime syndicate, though this may actually be a front for bounty hunting activities.  They are to be considered always armed and highly dangerous.  And since it is suspected that they are using illegal activities (smuggling) to cover up legal activities (bounty hunting) they are likely keeping very dangerous secrets.

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Introducing Johnar Lasan, smuggler and member of the Black Sun crime syndicate.

Backstory :

Once a simple cargo pilot working for one of the numerous weapons factories on Balmorra, his life changed when he decided to smuggle out the very weapons he was transporting.
His weapons smuggling buisness lasted for several years, but eventually he got caught by the Imperials and locked up.
Until the destruction of the Death Star II shattered the Empire, where riots began to arise in imperial prisons.
Seizing his chance, Johnar fought his way out and escaped the planet.
He was decided to resume his smuggling buisness, but for that he needed contacts, credits...

He joined one of his best clients from his past career, the Black Sun.

Edited by Nicotoa
Added backstory

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Last times have been very challenging after the Battle of Jakku. We had to promptly move away from our premises waiting for better times... Now we are disseminated through the galaxy, hiding ourselves from our past.


                   Me with a casual outfit

My name is Fahne Fathall and I used to work for the Empire, among other non precisely legal activities. As such I didn’t quite expect any kind of public formal recognition from the Empire. Even less nowadays, with no actual Empire anymore. So, from a given point of view, it’s an unusual advantage not being that visible in the Imperial logs.

With the raise of the new Republic, with so many people willing to pick up our heads as trophies at any price all over the galaxy, it wasn’t a wise idea to talk about my previous working experiences with anybody hanging around in a cantina at Coruscant.

But as a human being I still felt I needed a proper, valuable and enjoyable workplace to enhance my career, looking forward to grabbing a slice of fortune and glory.

Now, after being recently recruited by the Black Sun, I may give you some bits of my origins.

I come from an old ancient planet plagued of forgotten history, although I left that place during my childhood. Many years later, and not with ease within the Imperial Academy, I gained a position in the Imperial Royal Guard. A very challenging place where you could make a lot of enemies outside and specially inside the Empire.

In addition to that, some razor’s edge missions and other unfortunate incidents forced me somehow to desperately sign as a member of the Shadow Guards, for espionage and counterespionage activities within and outside the Empire. An intense period for gaining even more enemies and, from time to time, some good friends as well.


Me with the Guard equipment from the old days of the Empire  

And here I am. Those achievements and maybe some associated abilities seem to have been relevant to be accepted in this group.

Now flying back to my base location at Coruscant. I’ll report from there.

Edited by dvogon
Fixed Flickr URLs

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Kaarn Aphina

Journal Entry 077 - 5 ABY

It's been a few months now since my former employer the empire went down over Jakku. Can't say I'll miss them - while they kept me employed most of my work-life being freelance archeologist has a lot going for it (Besides, I have AF-R4 to keep me company). Well, I should say it had a lot going for it. Some may say working for the Black Sun maybe be swapping one evil for another but I don't care too much for galactic politics or the new republic's self-righteous set of morals. They are one of many who have a new interest in my area of expertise and had deep enough pockets to get me interested in joining. And unlike the Empire, they don't have someone high up who cares for every old Jedi or sith trinket I dig up which leave me free to sell them away to collectors or scam some tourists on Coruscant for paying a hefty price for a genuine old republic Jedi padawan braid. They do seem to care about these Holocrons, though, as everybody seems to be going crazy for them. I've recently uncovered this one from a Jedi tomb on a moon in some uncharted sector I've been searching for for months, so maybe this will be my big break. 

Journal Entry 078 - 5 ABY

It's a dud.


Edited by LegoPercyJ

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@Merc4Hire 42 SoNE XP, @pombe 20 SoNE XP, @Scorch93 3 SoNE XP - all together 65 SoNE XP

13 IP to Ganthel - L9 (SoNE Conversion)

50 IP to Uviuy Exen - L9 (SoNE Conversion)

2 IP to Coruscant - L9 (SoNE Conversion)

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Hello everyone,

This is Captain Zereph, an Explorer who may or may not be involved in the black market artifacts trade.  He is looking to join the black sun to provide direction to his skills and gain new opportunities in the galaxy. 


49462014928_03b1275517_n.jpgUntitled by ryan connor, on Flickr

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17 hours ago, Rconn0 said:

Hello everyone,

This is Captain Zereph, an Explorer who may or may not be involved in the black market artifacts trade.  He is looking to join the black sun to provide direction to his skills and gain new opportunities in the galaxy. 


49462014928_03b1275517_n.jpgUntitled by ryan connor, on Flickr

Glad you've joined our game!

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5 hours ago, Anita said:


Hi, feel free to PM me if you'd like to join the game.

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This is TC-9, a protocol droid who was property of the Pykes during the reign of the empire. He was largely employed by traveling businessmen for administrative and accounting work and was programmed to be fiercely loyal to the Pyke Syndicate -- even to the point of turning over his direct superiors to the Syndicate in the case of embezzlement or other forms of betrayal. In 10 BBY, he was present at the Kessel mining facility on business during the droid uprising. During this event, his programmed loyalty took precedence over his administrative nature, and he was subsequently directly responsible for the destruction of 28 droids and the deaths of 15 miners as he attempted to put down the rebellion with his metal fists alone. He was severely damaged during his melee rampage, but his head was found in the wreckage in the aftermath of the revolt -- with his memory recordings proving useful to the Pyke Syndicate in determining what had happened at the facility. Impressed with his loyalty and counter-revolutionary efforts, the syndicate upgraded TC-9's body with parts from many of the droids he had destroyed, and he was now used primarily as a guardian protector for elite members of the syndicate. Thinking himself to be the most loyal droid within the nearest 100 systems, he looked down on anyone who dared to defy the order of the galaxy, and failed to understand that his loyalty was only programmed and could be transferred to any other entity. In fact, by the time of the fall of the Empire, his services had been transferred to the Black Sun organization to commemorate their alliance with the Pykes in the Shadow Collective. He dutifully accompanied dignitaries of the organization for travel to ensure their safety, and to ensure the doom of anyone who attempted to get in the way of the Black Sun's goals. His blaster attached to a boom arm was feared in underworld circles -- and in the rare event that his aim missed its target -- he was known to pummel dissidents with his metal fists in a near-life-like rage (earning him the nick name "the chrome wookiee" in some outer rim circles).


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Greyson Traxler is 33 years old, and one of the most cunning smugglers in the black sun. He completed the kessel run in 13 parsecs, second only to Han Solo. He enjoys modifying old clone wars relics to use in his numerous exploits, and is known as one of the most dangerous smugglers in the outer rim.

EB Star Wars factions sigfig


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18 hours ago, Merc4Hire said:

Merc has returned to serve the Black Sun!


Good to have you back!

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