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Hello all!

I have recently started taking interest in Lego medieval MOC's and I was wondering if there is any kind of basic inventory to start the collection with.

I mean an inventory of the most commonly used 20-50 items in these kind of builds, the absolute must have pieces.

I've been experimenting with bricklink wanted lists, but some advice from the experienced builders would be much appreciated! :)

Have a nice day!

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This would be an interesting thread. I also started tinkering with castle lego, and I guess that having this kind of ideas would help a lot.

You could always split the necessary stuff into four brackets:
- bricks and plates
- figs and paraphernalia
- tools and weapons
- animals and stuff

You absolutley need bricks (this also means some green stuff) to build the castle/house, and I guess that the very basics can be covered by few select pieces and some plates. Just check the old 80's castles to get an idea, but it might be about thirty types of bricks (all kind of 1x2, 2x2, round bricks, some hinges, wedges, plates. Add foliage.

You really want a few civilian figs to make your castle more lively, unless it's a strict military outpost. Half dozen civs (smith, princess, paesant, chopper, two kids) are enough, now add a few military dudes (prefrably a captain, than few generic soldiers with swords and spears and you're unto something. These people need bags, capes, flags, w/e. Preferably two factions, so that they have someone to oppose. :-)

Tools like brooms, hammers, etc. Then any kind of weapons (mostly swords, spears, halberds and  bows), of course plus few shields for protection and heraldry that brings colors and identity. You also want a few spare weapons/shields for armoury or as great hall wallhangers. Basically have a bit more of it than the number of your soldiers. Helmets, of course, and some headcover for civs.

You can't have castle without horses and they come cheap, so don't be afraid to have a bit of them. Then add some gray parrots aka falcons, chickens (a few will do), and you need at least some big animal (one or two cows, three little pigs), few dogs and/or cats are reasonable. This way you got the village life covered: there's some meat animal, some drawing power, some fowl, some pets, some hunting animals. I wouldn't got too fancy with this, coz the strength lies in detail, not in numbers. there were two animals for every human in medieval village, but of those animal, 60% were fowl.

Imho you could get a solid base with one thousand bricks and plates of all sorts, mostly the basic ones, of course, with roughly 20 figs, roughly 20 animals (1/3 horses, 1/3 chicken plus dogs, 1/3 rest), enough weapons and tools for 30 figs. Two small boxes with lego bricks, two small boxes with figs and amials. Enjoy. :-)

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