Well, I guess I might as well weigh in! I've been a member for a decade (plus a few months), and it's hard to believe that it's gone so fast. While I love the forum (and like forums in general), I've never been super active. There are three main reasons why my visiting and posting has tapered off lately, to an even lower amount than I had been posting previously. Two of them are personal reasons, and one has to do with how I see Eurobricks. 1. I have three kids now. This means that I don't have a ton of time to spare with building or crafting longer replies to MOCs (though I do still love seeing them!). In fact, I have a couple MOCs that I built a while ago, but haven't gotten around to photographing yet. 2. I sometimes feel like a thread-killer. This isn't just on EB, but I often feel that, when I post something, it will either be overlooked entirely, or it will be the last post. It's harder to engage thoughtfully when I feel like it won't go anywhere. But again, that's more of a personal issue than an issue with this forum. 3. It seems like reviews have been less frequent here--or at least, they've been emphasized less. The reviews that used to be common here were my absolute favorites (especially the Reviewer's Academy ones). I'm not a fan of video reviews, and I don't particularly care for the reviews that many other places do (I've found that almost all of the pictures that are posted in the reviews on a certain database website--I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention names--are simply photos of the set and minifigures taken from the angles that are already on the box. There's usually no focus on cool/unique/new pieces, interesting building techniques, angles that we might not officially see, etc.). So, the fact that I don't see nearly as many reviews is also a bummer.