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Hi all, 

I'd like to show you a little thing I made 6 years ago for my daughter...and then became unused on the shelf since it was "retired" by Duplo trains. It was a sort of DB E69, used to transport frogs and penguins (all made with Lego Basic sets instructions). After she saw the real 7720 she liked the whole set. So I created a newer "clone" of the 7720 locomotive. This weekend I decided to revamp it a bit to make it work again.


So I modified the roof, the handrails, the pantograph (which now is very similar to swiss ones) and made it a bit more "studless".  The battery car is now blue instead of Yellow.


It was - and still is -  powered by a Medium PF motor, since it was not Infrared controlled and the standard PF train motor was too fast. Instead of IR receiver, it kept a "vintage" solution to be started.


I used the PF lever the same way the 7720 used the red  lever on battery box car. The IR receiver can be put inside the battery car if needed.


As you can see, I have the same 7720 inverters placed on PF track...and the result is the following (sorry for the video quality, the phone cannot do better than this).

The cat likes this "reversing"  feature a lot! :laugh:

Next steps: two long two axles wagons resembling the 7720 ones, and the white doors on blue wagon created in SNOT mode (or a simple sticker, if I fail :blush:)

It is a silly train, but I hope you like it!

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Awesome little train! I love it! :wub: The reversing function is a nice touch as well. :thumbup: :thumbup:

BTW can we get a video of your cat watching the train? :laugh:

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After a bit of work, I managed to create a door in bricks for the battery box :sweet: using SNOT (I'm still learning how to use it) - I think it is acceptable compared to the original 4,5v one. There should be a white bar connected to the two holder bricks...and a pair of wheels :hmpf_bad:



...but I cannot find a lot of parts in LDD like train wheels, PF parts and bars - are they downloadable in some way? :blush:

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That looks really nice! I'm sure when it's built in real bricks, not so many of the lines between the parts will be visible, making it look much neater.

When you fire up LDD, do you start a new project in standard mode (top toolbar is a light-ish blue), or extended mode (toolbar is black)? The latter has a much wider range of parts, and no restrictions on colours whatsoever. Although I don't think it has the older train wheels you're looking for.

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