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Agent Kallus

[MDC] Little Phantom

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MDC is an abbreviation I made up for my digital creation :tongue:

Though I think that these are all existing colour (according to brickset ldd or both) so it could be built non-digitally.

37161503952_7cfdf06412.jpgLittle Phantom 1 by batalfie, on Flickr

The Phantom is a modified VCX-series auxiliary starfighter that is used by the spectres of phoenix Squadron in missions against the galactic empire.

37143444056_2bf6bfab0e.jpgLittle Phantom 3 by batalfie, on Flickr

My aim was to make a version of the phantom in a similar scale to that produced by Lego back in 2014 but with space for an interior and at least 3 minifigs. I have not entirely succeeded as using ldd only 2 figs can fit but in real life I am sure 3 or more could fit ,its just that positioning in LDD isn't exactly easy. The shape and proportions could also be better but I am happy with the current model, and maybe after a few modifications I will build it in the brick.

37143442636_960fb75072.jpgLittle Phantom 6 by batalfie, on Flickr

Thanks for viewing.:classic:

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spelling errors galore.

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