12v train cabling advice needed

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Hi all,

Does anyone have experience/ knowledge of using another type of cabling for 12v layouts and accessories other than the official Lego stuff? I'm looking for a cheaper alternative for long stretches of cabling. Thank you very much! ?

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Hej again,


 for the cabling I usually use some standard modelltrain equipment. For switch or signal application, a normal 2-wire cable is allready good enough. For high current use like powering long trains with many motors, I sometimes also use a loudspeaker-cable that is somewhat bigger in diameter. Both can be bought for low price online. In most cases you can also choose between different colours.

For connection I use miniatur Banana-connectors, also from the modelltrain-shop. The standard diameter is 2,6mm. If they dont fit propper into the female Lego© connectors, you spread the male part a little with a tiny screwdriver. I just bought a pack of hundred for about 15 Euros.


Had never any problems with that wiring on exhibitions so far.





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@BrickMusher ah thanks! That's great news!! All those years I never had enough cabling and I had loads of speaker wire hanging around and now I have none! Lol. Thanks for this very useful information. 

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