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NZ Studio. Projects, ideas, developments.

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NZ Studio. Projects, ideas, developments.

Greetings to all the techies! I decided to create a topic in which I will share projects on which work, as well as ideas and technical solutions.

At the moment I am working on the project of the Formula-1 Bolide. The decision to build it appeared after the creation of the V8 engine with working valves  as well as after seeing the latest innovations in formula 1. Based on the concept of modern cars with hybrid, turbocharged V6 engines. This is the first car from the technique that I build. Unfortunately, not all ideas can be realized, and there will also be some inconsistencies with real prototypes. The main task was the technical saturation and similarity both externally and internally with real prototypes.

During the creation was the idea to make a steering wheel with clutch controls and gear changes, but due to the large size of the switches, it's not possible to implement the lego. It was very cool, if a micro switch was developed to accommodate which there was enough room in 1 stud with a micro connector for laying the wire.

At the moment, about half of the work is completed. I started building about a year ago. Development is proceeding slowly. Many nodes will be altered. The exterior design and front end are still rough sketche.

The model will implement:

1) Control from the console or from the model itself.

2) Working suspensions with anti-nod shock absorbers.

3) Brake fluid system on all wheels.

4) Working clutch.

5) engine 24 valve V6 turbo.

6) DRS system.

7) Rear light signal + light bulbs on the steering wheel and cockpit + imitation heating brake discs.

8) Transmission 4 steps

9) Differential lock.

10) Removable steering wheel

And other interesting chips

Gradually I will share reviews of ready-made nodes and elements.

I present some old photos and some photos of the creation of the bolid.

Now I finish the instruction on the plane

 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr

35773165330_b95828c11f_z.jpgIMG_20161009_231236 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr

35358080683_788bb08ce5_z.jpgIMG_20170425_224347 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr

35773164980_cc18fba853_z.jpgIMG_20170503_152539 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr

35358079643_59b6b41b21_z.jpgIMG_20170620_065704 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr

35773164810_ab1d97e583_z.jpgIMG_20170622_230526 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr

35996326852_4d95869082_z.jpgIMG_20170622_230608 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr

35358078103_e803a2f713_z.jpgIMG_20170623_224657 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr

35996326382_d89d857212_z.jpgIMG_20170623_224732 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr

36123810106_44bf5525eb_z.jpgIMG_20170623_224742 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr

35996326032_16eaa8ee63_z.jpgIMG_20170623_224812 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr

35358076483_1f6b40e59b_z.jpgIMG_20170623_224920 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr

35773163990_4b21293173_z.jpgIMG_20170623_224935 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr

36164220685_f40964001e_z.jpgIMG_20170703_180434 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr

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