Space Police IV central precinct + hover vehicles (real world models)

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This Space Police IV station (numbered 1138 in-universe) building is mostly from set 7498 (Police Station), except for the two fold out sections... those were my idea. 

The three ships are set numbers 70802 (two of these serve as patrol cars number 24 and 28) and one 70815 (displayed as prisoner transporter number 31.


The main photo of Space Police Precinct 1138 and it's compliment of ships.


The officers of Space Police IV station 1138 gather at the entrance for a group photo alongside Commissioner X (with red eyes) and his bodyguards.


The whole model as seen from above while completely opened up on it's hinges.


This section features the front entryway and staircase to the helipad level. The junk in the alleyway is from police raids / seizures.


The lowest level is the lobby with chairs and receptionist desk, while the second level is for booking criminals and cubicles for lower ranking officers. (After booking, the criminals are either transferred out of to an asteroid prison somewhere in between Jupiter and Mars to await possible trial.) The third level is for the Police Commissioner X and his immediate subordinates, the detectives, while the fourth level is helipad / roof assess. 


This stairway module leads from ground floor all the way to the third floor, and features the illuminated helipad on it's roof.


One of two stock models of set 70802, (Bad Cop's Pursuit). The fold-out weapons are quite well hidden compared to the prisoner transporters... but they are there!


The two engines are OCTAN-brand fusion reactors. The car can seat one figure in the pilot seat.


The fold-out weapons are normally quite well hidden on the patrol cars, in contrast to the frighteningly heavily armed drop-ships.


My singular set 70815 (Super Secret police Dropship)'s hover pods rotate backwards to give the illusion of flight. (although I forgot to turn them before taking this picture!)


One of the prison cells goes in the belly of the ship behind the rear door... today's prisoner is Kranxx, the former Black Hole Gang second-in-command. He is serving his six consecutive life sentences, or, in his species terms: he will be spending the next half-million years behind bars, still very much alive. (If you could call it that!)


Background for the Space police version 1 -4:

In the original Space Police, they were just that, a police force in space. They would round up bad guys and put them in jail to await trial. After the prisons became full and the Blacktron Wars got really close to home, they turned into a SPII, an army of police men & women ready to fight any battle any way that it took to win. After the war was over they were scaled way back in terms of power and influence. By 2007, the Space Police had been put under the control of the Universal Space Congress and turned into their third incarnation, which was basically SPI but more refined. Instead of throwing them in jail, they put them in stack-able, easier-to-maintain cyro-pods to await trial. Then the Black Hole gang (secretly under the sway of the Blacktron) arrived. They destroyed several SPIII stations, and sent many convicts free. Meanwhile, Blacktron officials officially denounced the Black Hole Gang and spread rumors of police corruption and gang / police cooperation conspiracy throughout the Congress via their agents. The SPIII were able to stop those rumors and put the Blacktron's plans in the spotlight, but at great cost. With Congress' eyes opened to the Blacktron's plan of severing the ties between themselves and it's only protectors - the Space Police- the congress gave everything they had to the police who then stopped the war by vaporizing the Blacktron home-world . Unfortunately, the all-alien Black Hole Gang led to some anti-alien polices to be installed in the Space Police, now in their 4th Incarnation. This has led to clashes between the Police and Alien Rights groups.

As of January 1st 2214, The Space Police have made the Universe more like a military state under their control. Even the space congress unofficially serves them as payback for the SP saving the known universe in the war. Everyone officially denies it, but at the same time they know who pulls the strings and what will happen to them if they talk. Some people try to stop them, but they almost always disappear - another loose end severed.

It is almost as if the Space Police had turned into the very thing they sought to destroy.


That's all I have right now, and if you have any comments, questions or complaints, please leave them below.

Thanks again for stopping by!

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LDD file and pictures updated, and parts ordered for the building, fence and platforms. Keep an eye on this thread for more info as the parts arrive!

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It has begun... The Space Police IV HQ rises! (as soon as the rest arrives)

Until then, here is another model for the space police IV fleet:


This model was originally set 70724 (NinjaCopter). I replaced all the blue with black and grays, added police lights and removed the firing large missiles (among other things) to make this into a ship that goes well with the Super Secret Police sets from the LEGO Movie line.

The one-of-a-kind ship is the personal transport of Commissioner X of the Space Police IV. No one knows why he - or she - wears a re-breather mask, or even if it is actually needed or is just to protect the wearer's true identity. The two officers that wear the Bad Cop helmets are the personal bodyguards of Commissioner X. They go everywhere that the Commissioner goes, and even they don't know what's under the mask... or at least they aren't telling.


The rear of the model and middle propeller flip sideways, but only in real life, not in LDD without causing a lot of trouble. I partially disassembled the model to do it here!


Two bodyguards and Commissioner X are included in the LDD file along with the ship, which is available to download here.

Any thoughts?

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17 hours ago, the imperial reporter said:

This is Awesome! i loved the old Space Police and i like how you added the LM sets as police vehicles 

Thanks! Here's a tiny update:


The stairway (module) to heaven is now done!

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We're gonna need a bigger box....


(one more module to be built and the Space Police IV base should be done by next week or so!)


LDD picture of the final model, as seen in the updated first post. NOTE: base-plates are wrong as the crater plate isn't in the program. Oh, and the digital sensor is WAY off from the real deal.

Any thoughts on these last minute changes?

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