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Wood Elf Wardancer - Danse Macabre

A lone Wardancer, entangled in a dreadful dance, overcoming foul demons in a spiral vortex of blades. 

Those suscectible to the divine rhythms of nature can see her ever-changing paths and follow them accordingly. Wardancers move swiftly along these unseen patterns in order to remove any creature who tries to block the flow of energy. They rely on the protection of the three blue tokens bestowed by the goddess herself. 


35070615481_051b97b9e1_b.jpgWardancer - Danse Macabre by MWardancer, auf Flickr

34814102140_82bcb962ec_b.jpgWardancer (front) by MWardancer, auf Flickr

35070613671_c9905a8f15_b.jpgWardancer (back) by MWardancer, auf Flickr



Customization Techniques

For this fig I pushed the boundaries of what I can do and I am very glad how it turned out. It draws a lot of inspiration from the Warhammer figs.

From top to bottom:

Hair: Elf hairpiece painted

Torso: new Poison Ivy torso painted and covered in semi-glossy (new technique!) afterwards

Arms: yellow arms dipped (new technique!) in paint; Brickwarriors bladed vambraced painted and glued on. 

Legs: new Poison Ivy legs painted three times and covered in semi-glossy paint afterwards; Brickwarriors vambraces cut to fit and painted and coated

Spear: head of an elaborate spear cut off, head of a Brickwarriors Clarissa Spear cut off, painted and glued on; two whips cut off and painted

Sword: Brickwarriors Xiphos Sword Painted; the stag head is the inside of a fingernail art stencil, painted blue





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Repaintings and things like that are usually not my thing, but this is done at such a high level! Very impressive!:classic:

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