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For years I have been sitting on a few store displays. I decided to google their worth and was suprised that not all are on Bricklink, ebay or even google. So I was wondering, have any of you seen these display cases before? What would they be worth?

Edit: pictures added





34663217132_0b903811ec_m.jpg         34440144300_1a8b22fc53_m.jpg


Edit: Thank you for the tip on how to add pictures, Peppermint_M!

Also, I've been referred to
This is a fan site that keeps track of how often star wars store displays are sold on ebay. My star wars display was apparently only sold twice and has a rareness rating of 4 out of 5.
Of course, this is only for the star wars set. And it's only the rareness.

Does anyone know how much they would be worth?

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You need to upload to a photo hosting site and deeplink the photos. EB upload space is only really for a personal display photo/avatar.

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