[LDD MOC] Brick-Built Figure (Indonesian Independence Day Special)

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I haven't posted topics on Eurobricks for a long time (Sorry!)

For celebrate birthday of Indonesian independence, i've made Brick-Built Figure that holding an Indonesian flag.


Birthday of Indonesian Independence by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr

All parts and parts colour are exists in Real Life except that Home-Made decoration!

But i don't know how stable and robust is this model in Real Life. Tell me if this model was stable and robust or not, if you think this model was stable and robust i'll make a PDF instructions (with decoration changed to 14769pb004). BTW, you can change the flag to your country flag, if you want!

This creation was just finished in two days. There are one more photos in this Flickr album I've just writing a blog post with some more information.

Edited by KamalMYafi

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It sure can also be Monaco flag, and if you flip it upside-down, you can make it flag of Poland

Yup! But it has a difference. Difference between flag of Monaco and Indonesia is in the size or the ratio between length and width.

- Flag of Indonesia: 2: 3 Scale

- Flag of Monaco: 4: 5 Scale

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