[ESL - FB2 - class 5F] Colour of the Wind

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My shipyards have been busy - Green Winds a week ago wasn't the last ship they would build either way. While I was glad how fast Green Winds was, the beauty of Schooners never really hit me, and many others have suggested me to give my shipyards the order to build a Xebec - they are supposedly great ships, both for trade and for travel; for war and defence we have other ships. As I suspected that a Xebec should be able to keep up with Green Winds, I ordered my shipbuilders to paint her in the same colours. They succeeded in both ways - she seems to fit well with the colours of Green Winds; and considering how well she plays with the wind I have decided to name her Colour of the Wind.

Lets go around her in our small boat and look:

We start on the Port side:


Go to the Stern:


Around to the Starboard side:


And finish our tour around looking at the bow:


So, after we checked her out while she's still standing here, lets look at her next to Green Winds - well, lets say let a bird look at them next to each other:


As you can see she's only a little bit shorter than Green Winds; as well as that she is a lot sleeker, so she should be more than equal in speed.


So, a quick overview over the facts:

time spent building - no stopwatch running, started 1 1/2 days ago

4 longguns

Captain Lum Liddle

Owner Jerome Monezterrell(me)

Build by Monezterrell' Shipyards (might be at some point in the future)

Tradecompany MAESTRO

crew: 10 men

Rating: class 5F


sorry about the picture quality, the weather is bad and they just didn't come out any better. I might take new ones next weekend! Same goes for the typical pictures with my entire fleet - not the right weather for that today sadly. Next week!

Nobody tell me that Stern is overhanging to far!

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Looks awesome het again, Legostone! Your shipyards were the best thing to befall MAESTRO in years!

Little comment on the stern tough, it seems... :wink:

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Your shipyards have been busy building beautiful ships! Another fantastic build. Those stern lanterns make her look even more sleek than she already looks!

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