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Kodan Black

[O - F03] A Friend Returns

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Location: F03 Forring

Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Civil Building, Science



While Dr. Allison and I were taking a tour of one of the Farr-tes advanced scientific research facilities we were awaiting the return of ED-208. He had received a full overhaul and we were told to expect him via one of the mini-ships Octan uses for robot delivery. The ships aren't very spacious and lack food and restrooms, but they are very efficient and reusable.


The lab was very advanced and had access to vast computing power. In one of their experiments they were superheating Awesomnium into a gas to see how it behaved and then were going to try combining that with other elements to see what the result was. Mike was working in the small updraft lab which prevented any vapors from escaping without being hermetically sealed. They weren't running any experiments at the moment so he was able to show off the lab and the various features. I'll definitely have to make sure we get some like this installed on the Axle!



Extra Pics:






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Really nice build this week, especially that lab! The cheese slopes for the wall are excellent, as is the updraft lab :thumbup:

The mini ship is great too :classic:

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That enclosed lab area is really neat! Excellent detailing on the back wall with the pipes and vents too :thumbup:

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Lovely lab design! The big hood is great! :grin: the greeble work is awesome! Also, fun to see Kodan's robot friend back. :grin:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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