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This is Mine!

Jan Zwartbaard has seen a lot of places in his life. With the non-stopping growth of MAESTRO and his good friendship with Lord Maximilian Damaximus, he became an explorer for the mighty trade company.

After the "Prince of Stedor" picked him up at Breshaun, he boarded the "Golden Star", starting his adventures.

The "Golden Star" went first to "Ile de Romantica", where Jan Zwartbaard was received very very well. The governor of that island even offered him his own medium residence.

Zwartbaard graciously accepted the offer as it would become helpfull as his headquarter.

Once the construction of the residence started, Zwartbaard went to the new Eslandolan island "Isla Philip" as he heard rumours of silver floaking around. With a few miners and a dozen MAESTRO Elite Soldiers, he started searching for the silver source. Following the stream of the river, they saw a isolated small rock where the water came from. If there was a silver resource somewhere, it should be here!

And so the digging started...


Jan Zwartbaard


Meanwhile a few pigs where doing their everyday business as it still is the island of pigs...



Licenced as a mine set-up

Thanks for watching!

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Cool rock formation, the olive green cheese work well as moss. Good to see some pigs on the island still pirate_laugh2.gif

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Great build, Maxim! The rockwork is very nice, and I like the water coming out of it thumbup.gif

Cool to see a Johnny Thunder head used too default_classic.gif

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Nice rocks, and I hope to see some silver in the MAESTRO-coffins!

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