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[M - B05] Experiment G1B05

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Location: B05 Marphacia

Tags: Science


26919409132_6f6bef976c_o.jpgAre you sure this will work?

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgOh, yeah, totally. Moose’s team has been messing around with this stuff for a while. They’re off testing it out near Donwarr as we speak.

26919408942_a78ae3c1ac_o.jpgYou mean it hasn’t been tested yet?


17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgUh… it probably has? I kinda just skimmed Fields’s notes: superpositions, n-dimensional singularities, certain death, blah blah blah. Anyway, I figured if we can create a stable hollow GATE field around a ship, the field should transport all incoming or outgoing signals through the GATE, meaning that the ship will be undetectable.

26919408942_a78ae3c1ac_o.jpgBut couldn’t we wait until Moose’s team has finished their tests first?

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgAnd let them get all the credit? No chance!

26919408692_e0e4467383_o.jpgGATE stabilisers equalised at 100% Sal.


17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgExcellent. Ok, you ready Walker?

26919409132_6f6bef976c_o.jpgI guess…?

26919408832_6b794d3f11_o.jpgUgh, it stinks here Sal. Why did we have to do this in the middle of a swamp on a planet we haven’t even settled yet?

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgBlame Chief Accountant Long. I wanted to do this on Torresta but Long got all upset about it just because the risk assessment said there was a small chance of a catastrophic Rhumkopf discontinuity. She insisted we do it out here where no one will notice if we implode a continent.


26919408942_a78ae3c1ac_o.jpgWhat was that?!

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgNothing! Fire it up!



17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgIt worked! We can’t see her!

26919408832_6b794d3f11_o.jpgErr… but shouldn’t we not be able to see the GATE drive too?

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgHmmm… Switch off the drive and see if she comes back.


26919408772_77f86275b9_o.jpgNooo! Where is she??

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgCalm down. She probably ended up in a parallel universe or something. I’m marking this down as a success!


17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgWell, the aim was to make her undetectable. Norton, can you detect her?

26919408692_e0e4467383_o.jpgEr… no…

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgExactly! Success! Now, who wants to go next?


Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! Make sure you check out the spoiler :wink:


23534756356_e65d7c7ffe_o.jpg...and then my leg was bitten off by a giant frog!







26919408942_a78ae3c1ac_o.jpgWell, this isn't right...

Edited by Big Sal

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The dark orange and red leaves look amazing together :wub: Great contraption too, the stabilizers and connection hoses look very functional :classic:

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Haha, that's great! Super cool GATE drive, and the Octan version cool too, but not as cool as the MANTIS one ;)

All the different foliage pieces are fantastic!

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Thanks everyone! It's good to have Sal actually doing some 'science' for once :classic:

Super cool GATE drive, and the Octan version cool too, but not as cool as the MANTIS one ;)

I can't take any credit for the GATE drive - I mostly stole it from woofmcmoose :look:

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I don't think I've seen a bad build or story from you, ever, and this week is no different! :grin: Sal's misadventures are one of AG's funnest things to watch!

The story is great (as is Moose's story that this adds to. I loved that, Moose!) And the scenery is lovely, as always! Great work!

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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Keynes_zps7emvqgtn.jpg “Moose! Would you care to explain why it has taken you 2 months to get any results on this GATE project when Big Sal has made more progress in just 1 week!"

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg"Sir? I wasn't aware Big Sal was working on GATE experiments. Surely he can't have achieved anything in such a short time?"

Keynes_zps7emvqgtn.jpg “It says right here in his dispatch: Experiment G1B05 a success, stable GATE field achieved and target rendered undetectable as planned."


Great build Sal, look forward to your next experiments!

Edited by woofmcmoose

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