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[ESL - APR FB1 - LDD] Horse Ranch of Elysabethtown

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There is a reason why the coat of arms of Elysabethtown is a "Lancer". Elysabethtown is well known for its regiment of dragoons stationed there. As horses are such an important part of life in the Eslandolan colony, the Horse Ranches are of significant importance.

Just outside Elysabethtown, the Horse Ranch of Pierre de Fokker is located across a small river.

Guarded 24/7 by MAESTRO soldiers against the unknown threats there possibly are.





A commercial place selling the finest horses of Terra Versa!


Note: as I never collected green plates and as I spent a large amount of brown bricks in my latest fort, I decided to build in LDD...

Building with real bricks is way more easier!

This will be licenced as Large Commerce property.

C&C welcome!

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De fokker :rofl:

Nice build, i like the watchtower!

It is even more fun if you know the West-Flemish dialect:


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Nice ranch, Maxim! Everything does look a little angular, but I guess that is due to your experience with LDD so far? Especially the stream looks odd.

I like that you have included both a residence, a stable and a watchtower - although there seems to be alot of costs in security with all those guards.

Peirdefokker? I think I get that... pirate_oh3.gif ... pirate_laugh2.gifpirate_laugh_new.gifpir_laugh2.gif

And not to be a peirdefokker, but shouldn't this be a plantation? pirate_blush.gif

Well done.

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Just to be clear, in Dutch a "fokker" is a breeder hahaha :p

Well, it's not like you can eat horses :p they are just breeded and sold here, like a bakery for example :)

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I am still laughing with the Pfeiderfokker thing!!! I like the build (especially the watchtower and the house) and i find it very original! Ofc people used to breed horses at their colonies!

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