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[M - C06] Around Hyreal in <80 days

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Location: C06, Hyreal

Tags: Spying

As he embarked upon what was to be his latest adventure, M. Scorpio Starstriker, esq. reflected on the completion of his most recent expedition. Which is to say, he reflected on that part which he knew about.

Mme. DuBois--although she preferred the more colloquial appellation "JEX"--had recounted to him the strange creature they had encountered, and how the beast had resuscitated Scorpio after his fall.

However, the beast's premonition about his impending demise was still unknown to Scorpio; Jex had not found the courage to tell him. Blissfully unaware, Scorpio marched across the field to where he was to rendezvous with Scroggins, the mechanic charged with preparing his flying machine.


Blissfully, of course, until he heard behind him a familiar voice: the nasally squeaky voice of M. Laszlowe, Head of Supervisory Accountancy at MANTIS & Co.


"M. Starstriker, I must protest this mission! You have yet to complete your papers for the last disaster you caused a fortnight ago! Not to mention the development we have had with the prisoner in cellblock B!"

Scorpio ignored Laszlowe's outbursts until mention of the prisoner. He turned abruptly and asked, "What development?"


"She has said she is willing to talk, but only to you. And but two days ago we caught her outside her cell, somehow armed and assaulting one of our own guards. She did not attack any other of our personnel, insisting that the guard in question was actually a Kawa operative."

"Where is the prisoner now? And the guard?"

"The guard is still under investigation. The prisoner has been transferred to maximum security."

"Ah. Well then, M. Laszlowe, it can wait until after this mission."

"No, It cannot, M. Starstr..."

But Laszlowe was cut short as Scorpio began walking again toward his destination.


"I was to arrive at five to noon, and you have already detained me too long," called Scorpio over his shoulder.

"Get back here right now!"

But Scorpio kept walking, with Laszlowe struggling to keep up.


"Is she ready, Scroggins?"

"Aye, M. Starstriker. Lit the igniter about two hours ago, and now the envelope is filled."

"Right on time, Scroggins, as usual."

Laszlowe chimed in again, "M. Starstriker, I am putting my foot down!"

"Then go put it down somewhere else! I have my instructions straight from the CEO and Mr. Cor himself, that all spying operatives are to commence a mission at once on this globe."


"And what is the nature of this mission, M. Starstriker?"

This was said not by Laszlowe, who had stormed off, but by none other than Mme. DuBois--Jex.

"I cannot say too much, my dear, but it would appear that one of the Kawa operatives that MANTIS has been tracking has suddenly gone missing, and they want airborne surveillance to try and track him. I am to do my best to spy him out from the heavens, but that is all I can say."

"Oh, but do say you'll take me with you!"


This time Scroggins had the answer: "I'm sorry, Miss, but the envelope is calibrated to only carry a certain amount of weight, otherwise the flying machine will never make it off the ground. Begging your pardon of course, Miss. You can certainly watch."

"Hmpf. They won't let me near the tools, and they won't even let me go up in one! Do they think I don't know how to pilot this flying machine?!"


"Well, Jex, you did crash the last contraption they gave you. Maybe it's something personal," chided Scorpio.

"You tease. Fine. I will wait for you on the ground then."

"Don't forget your MANTIS™ spyglass©, M. Starstriker, " reminded Scroggins.

“Darling,”Jex began. “Are you quite sure you are feeling all right? Remember that just a day ago you were on the verge of death!”

“Dearest I feel more alive than ever. My body is rejuvenated, my mind—why I can recall things I haven’t in ages! Why, that reminds me of something about the prisoner that I must tell that horrible M. Laszlowe when I return!”

“What is it, Scorpio?”

“Oh, it’s far too good to spoil here. Remind me to tell you later after I chat with our dear accountant. Ta ta!”


And with that, he shut the gate on the basket and commenced lift-off of the flying machine.

"Good luck, we'll see you at the end!" Jex called out. "Be careful!"

She wanted desperately to tell him about his future that must shortly come to pass, but could not bear it. Surely it would not be today? No, he would be safe at least for this mission.


"Why must you stand so far away, Miss? The flying machine is perfectly safe," Scroggins assured her.

"It is not the machine I fear for, dear Scroggins, but the operator."


More pics below the spoiler:

The ship borrows some techniques I used awhile back for fbtb’s Steam Wars, but there are some clear differences and everything was built for the ground up for this week’s AG entry.





Not as good as my previous logos :sceptic:





This is what happens when you wrap these around a SW ornament for too long…it’s okay! They bend back after awhile :classic:

C&C Welcome!

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Neat hot air balloon, is that the death star? I like the ninja wings. For some reason the hair and hat on Laszlowe look hilarious to me :tongue:

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