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One of the smallest ships I have ever designed.

The dimensions actually come close to the hull bricks made for the classic pirate ships.

Visiting London I saw the replica and oh she is so tiny.

I chose this colorscheme as it was more challenging than the black painted version.

Especially the triangles on the side was a real mindbender.

16501426630_1cd319c0f6_c.jpgGolden hinde LDD by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr

pirates-indexed.gif Classic Ship Rigged, Three Masts 21C

20760677733_6c95ab1c2e_c.jpgGolden hind side by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr

20760674043_110f279861_c.jpgGolden hind back by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr

The brick-version is currently under construction and may soon be posted.

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Another magnificent design of a classic vessel! I'm anxious to see the real brick version. The first photo of the ship over the old maps looks perfect - well, at least it will be perfect once she's fully built, eh? Keep it up!

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