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Hello everyone! Today I decided to give you a revolutionary idea in LEGO the automotive industry. This is a modular vehicle, its function in that it can from one base to make a few variations of body and lining. Look!





Station Wagon






The version number is limited only by your imagination. Limo, Pickup, Van, Hearse, caravan, Taxi, Police car, etc. Вe creative, I only will be glad! :wink:

Here is a link to the .lxf file. Comments and criticism are welcome.


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here are the things you asked for20323527319_003e19d1d9_b.jpgpolice by therizingrize, on Flickrpolice20323527489_e952d519de_b.jpgpickup+van by therizingrize, on Flickr pick-up and van20322181668_6b89edc346_b.jpgNYtaxi by therizingrize, on FlickrNY taxi20323527519_be35fe01e0_b.jpglimo by therizingrize, on Flickrlimo20516587791_9d86af2779_b.jpgcaravan by therizingrize, on Flickrcaravan (for station wagen)20501516062_376dfcd783_b.jpghearse by therizingrize, on Flickrhearse

your concept is very cool! and I could easily modify the cars for the other designs!

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That's a really interesting idea to build different types of vehicles keeping a similar looks like in real life. I'm just not sure if would it be solid enough in real bricks.

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