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Ironwood - models made from digital files into real bricks

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This is my city of Ironwood, the center of my 4 x 8 feet Trains & Town layout.

In this thread are my seven Town buildings, inside and out:

Bob's Military Surplus store


This building was originally part of set 10217, Diagon Alley, specifically Ollivander's wand Shop. I added a rear to the building and redid the interior to have more of a Military Surplus store look. The store is currently owned by Bob from LEGO Universe, and was finished in late 2014.


The shop only opens 90 degrees instead of 180, due to the roof being in the way. Inside we have weapons of various origins, from deep space to the distant past. Upstairs is the clothing section, with several space suits and battle armor on display. Behind the chalkboard though is a secret: a map to a portal to certain other Universe. Bob keeps it hidden, but on rare occasions he lets adventurous souls use it to goo exploring / questing in the dimension he once called home.


The rear of the store features the back door.

Old House


This building was originally the Blacksmith's shop from set 10193, Medieval Market Village released back in 2009. I got it in 2011, near the end of it's production run. It has been turned into my mini-figures house, complete with furnished interior.


The inside of the building features a couch, bed and a pot bellied stove. Their is a staircase, which was completely missing in the original set.


Here is the rear of the house, continuing the wooden patterns from the front.



This model was inspired by set 79109, Colby City Showdown from the 2013 Lone Ranger theme. I turned the 1 story bank into a 2 story saloon, complete with two lift-away sections to access the inside.


The first floor features the bar with old fashioned cash register, and a staircase to more seating on the second floor.


The second floor features more seats and a piano. This level was originally supposed to be a game room, filled with pool tables and poker dealers. Unfortunately, the room never happened as the space constraints left too little space to place figures.



This English style tavern was built from set 10193, Medieval Market Village, and expanded by my brother to have an inside staircase and a better chimney.


The inside of the model features a Frog on the bar (for no real reason), a inside staircase, and a bunch of seating on the second floor. Their is a crude gumball machine on the second floor at the top of the stairs.


This model is like 90% of my buildings: it locks shut when I close it due to a Technic pin.

Imperial Bank


I took set the Bank from the 2011 Harry Potter LEGO set Diagon Alley (number 10217) and gave it a make over into a more City-like set. First I straightened the columns out, and added a more protected Bank teller area. The vault was shortened width-wise by 1 stud, making it 3 studs thick, (plus the door, of course) to allow it to sit closed next to the teller area.

The model was built in 2012 and finished in 2014, and can still fold shut like the stock set model.


Here we can see the inside of the bank. I added a second floor to the bank, which is off-limits to the public but is used by Bank staff as offices.

Post Office


This was my first town building I built way back in 2011. It houses my Post office and features a large bay window.


The inside of the model features a work area on the second floor piled high with letters and packages to be sorted. The lower floor features a couple of chairs for waiting customers to sit in, and a counter to add packages being handed over into the computer tracking system.

Model Train Club


This model houses Iron LUG, the local LEGO Users Group for Ironwood - area residents. It is situated in an old pharmacy that has been renovated into a display area.


Inside the model is the Iron LUG LEGO layout, with a train, tracks, and "water". Their is even a control switch to speed up the train. (in reality the train does not move, being set into the 1 stud wide track)

This sums up all my current buildings, excluding train related ones. (such as my two passenger stations) A few more models are in the planning stages, such as a town hall, haunted house and fire station, but they won't be done for awhile due to funding issues.

Comments, Questions & complaints welcome!

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I like the post office the most.....neat and very Legotown-ish interiors.....simple yet effective. :wink:

Keep them coming and Brick On 'Murdoch17' ! :grin:

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Very clean building style. Great details while also being very functional. Good Job.

Thanks, I try to keep the details on a reasonable level. My motto: If I can't figure out how to rebuild it in about 20 minutes after dropping it, it's too complex... you can tell how many times that's happened!

I like the post office the most.....neat and very Legotown-ish interiors.....simple yet effective. :wink:

Keep them coming and Brick On 'Murdoch17' ! :grin:

Thank you! I've always thought that post office looked WAY too small height wise, as it barely touches the second floor of any of my other buildings. But I won't take it apart, because it is my longest-lived Lego building, and holds a special place on my layout.

I see your Diagon Alley inspiration.

"Old House" and "Tavern" are my favourites.

That Harry Potter set really did wonders for expanding my town. People just don't realize how well Medieval Market Village and Diagon Alley go together. Also, I'll be sure to tell my brother that you liked his re-design of the Tavern.

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