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Lego The Medieval Election - War of the Kingdoms

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Hey guys,

The last day or too, I have gotten this idea for a Medieval themed story.

The Medieval Election is based on a sacred ruling of the Kingdoms rulers to allow one a certain ruler to have a chance to be elected. These elections happened very rarely, if elected he will obtain his benefits that were mentioned when he was going for election. However rivalery and corruption follow close by.. Bandits form, rivals change, friends turn to enemies.

I'd likely to quickly mention that half of this video suffered some light flicker, now I can say with certainty it wasn't from myself causing the light flicker rather it was a setting that was already formed in my program called (back light compensation) I have no idea why it was checked but it was the serious cause of light flicker.. as you will notice after about half way everything is back to normal. I do apologize for that and will look into making sure its turned off everytime in future!

This was a really fun vid to work on, first time doing a sword sequence, a different walk cycle, and some small masking, with of course dialog, and improved set scenery.

Now I was inclined in thinking this may be better in the released section or production, I was debating over it for some time. I didn't think releases just yet, as it's not a finished film but perhaps a part. Then I said to myself this may be better as a WIP. As its still going and as I mentioned I am learning new things, most notably was the sword sequence/slashing and stabbing.

Also I have made two videos (Both exactly the same) Only one with no blood effect and one with it. I understand some users don't like it, or just think it goes well in lego films which is why I made the first link blood free! smile.gif

I'd love to get any feedback on what I can improve what I could work on, if the walk cycle is better than my original, and just what you guys thought of the whole in general.

I've made the original (without blood effect) Public with annotation for the same vid with the effect if people wish to watch it that way, in a unlisted link. Is this a good idea in your opinions?

I also waited until I had both links uploaded for it to be easier and more accessible.

(No blood effect)

(With Blood effect)

Thanks guys,


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