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Just wondering if anyone has knowledge of this: the various images for LEGO sets on the official LEGO shopping site (S@H) - are they photographs of actual builds done in a studio, or renders, or some combination? How much photoshopping or modifications are done? What type of illumination is used - tungsten, halogen, or other. These are likely to be some of the best images obtainable for LEGO sets, with excellent details, good control of highlights and shadow areas. Would be nice to know some of the process that went into making these official images, as this would help the rest of us get better images also.

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Thanks ZBLJ - at 4:47 into the video it gets interesting for photographers. I see extensive use of light control - soft boxes, large flat panel reflectors and custom small reflectors for fine tuning to either block or add light. Control of background and base shadows with the glass table and white backdrops, which are also used as fill-reflectors. Looks like halogen strobes as well with maybe some hot lights. Most impressive is the medium or large format digital camera. Images are cleaned with PS before use. I wonder if they do this for all sets, I know from experience and great deal of work is involved in getting all the hardware just right for each subject.

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