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  1. I never built my QAR and I regret not getting the Black Pearl hopefully this set will make up for that
  2. Looking forward to getting a new POTC wave. I really enjoyed the ships. Hitting myself because I missed out on getting the black pearl brand new last summer
  3. A small mom and pop type shop still has a few lotr and hobbit sets but none of the reall good ones. Last I saw which was recently they still had the lake town guard poly bags as well.
  4. Does anyone have a rough idea when we might start to see these new sets?
  5. Would you recommend it over the Gonzanti? I also might be interested in the ghost. what are peoples thoughts?
  6. Hey guys. I saw that 75055 went out of stock recently. I was wondering if its a good set. I never bought a star destroyer and I thought it looked cool. I won't get it until around christmas. I'm either on the fence about that one or the Gonzanti ship from rebels.
  7. Picked up the 2008 republic gunship New in the Box for a really good price on Ebay
  8. I picked up The Phantom and the Battle of Saleucami at my local TRU. I got the new force awakens C-3P0 with the purchase.
  9. I went to TRU in times square which is my local store and they wouldn't sell me the C3-PO. You have to buy $40 worth of Lego to be able to qualify for it. Anyone else getting this problem
  10. maybe they just got the set dates confused
  11. Thanks for the tips guys. Also do any of you own the 2010 clone turbo tank. How is it?
  12. Yeah. Ive got a few things on my to get list. First things first is picking up this republic gunship at a local store. I went over there earlier and picked up two of the clone turbo tank microfighters for the phase 2 troopers. The frigate and the speeder may need to wait. I'm also considering placing an order for some figures at clone army customs. I have a few printed clones from them and there really good quality. so many things to do.
  13. I'd like to get the frigate and speeder bike set but the canon I really cant see a mjor use for. the only draw to get the set is really for the wolfpack troopers.
  14. Hey guys I'm considering getting some sets. How is the republic frigate from 2011? I prefer phase two clones but the ship and commander wolffe looks very cool. I am also considering the bar speeder with sidecar that includes phase 2 captain rex. Is the AV7 canon any good or is bricklinking the phase 2 wolf pack clones better. These all seem like very cool sets and I really enjoyed the clone wars series. would you guys recommend any of these?
  15. I spotted a bunch of Lake Town guard poly bags at a local shop. With Attack of the Wargs and unexpected gathering and a few 2013 and 2014 hobbit sets