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  1. Thanks haven't bought anything other than technic for the last 7 year might have to look into those then
  2. Has anyone mentioned the rubber inserts on the tracks of extreme adventure 42069, haven't seen them before, is it a new part? They should really increase the transaction...
  3. They could be for the tyre pressure "auto inflation" This is really coming along nicely
  4. Looks promising , really like the steering mechanism, the wheels are growing on me
  5. The front should be easy to hide because of the cab, the rear if I may give you a suggestions not sure if it will work thou, turn the shock up side down and the bottom connector then you should gain 2 studs Looks great either way
  6. I personally prefer the tumbler tires as the 42000 tires seem to low in profile for the uni, looking at the Blue print above the chassis is to high or are you aming for a "high rider" Looking forward to your next update
  7. This truck really is amazing and I'm even more impressed with your drive to finish the build ( 2 years) Would be great if your pics were in the post instead of a link Would make the thread mmore enjoyable
  8. 99+ on the gears looking good and very distinctive differences between them
  9. Don't give up, just rebuild a few times it works eventually.
  10. Like any vehicle it consists of certain modules e.g. chassis, axles, gearbox, cab, and body panels. The build doesn't have to follow that sequence, but I've found that it mostly does. I broke it down as follows centre chassis ( battery box section) like @efferman suggested previously rear axle gearbox (section above front axle) front axle cab mudguards Hope this doesn't make it to easy for you good luck and please post pic's when done. chau
  11. @teos If you break the saddle track up in modules and then use the hide brick button to get access to the most inner parts it makes it easier Took me about 13hours of building fun and was way more fun stimulating than following a BI from TLG Hopefully this will help you finish the build
  12. Or on page 60-61 as posted by @Saberwing40k
  13. Nice model, but isn't it called a microlight plane?
  14. I like the truck needs a bit of work but that's the fun of it and if it is Rc wouldn't this be the first trail truck from TLG? Don't remember anything else
  15. Im hoping for an very flexible chassis.... The front lights are also interesting the same as the BMW windshield , always wondered what it would have looked like as a light.