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  1. Did we have the prices for the last jedi sets before? LEGO Star Wars 75526 - €19.99 - (£14.99, $19.99) LEGO Star Wars 75528 - €24.99 - (£19.99, $24.99) LEGO Star Wars 75529 - €24.99 - (£19.99, $24.99) LEGO Star Wars 75530 - €34.99 - (£29.99, $34.99) Looks like we have another larger model to look forward to.
  2. This is just idle speculation, but whenever I've been to the Lego aisle at different stores the shelves always seem packed with unsold Star Wars figures and I wouldn't be surprised if they've cut down the number of sets they are launching to better match demand.
  3. This is fabulous. I love the colors, and that parrot especially is top-notch. Some real nice parts usage with the Technic chain as dreadlocks and the nexo bot shoulder for the bottom of the beak.
  4. It can take a while for Lego to get prizes sent out. In this case especially, we don't know how far along the artbook was in production at the time it was announced. It could be a super last-minute thing that they need all the time they can get to put together. I'd give it another month or two before getting worried.
  5. Official pictures of the 2017 lineup on Brickset. They also have six more listed for the summer - not sure if that's news or not.
  6. I mean, I guess they could be fake, but they look pretty darn legit to me.
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/lego/comments/5bggky/75524/ https://www.reddit.com/r/lego/comments/5bghjc/75525/ I dunno, humans still just aren't a strong suit for ccbs
  8. They're distributing the DVD version, just like Netflix distributes the digital version. Warner Bros is in charge of Lego DVDs for the most part these days, but in 2009 - 11 or so it was Universal, and they seem to have held on to the vestiges of that contract. See their re-release of Clutch Powers last year or their re-release of (surprise!) The Legend Reborn this year. Them publishing something they didn't originally publish is new, but there's no reason to think it's a bootleg - unless the bootleggers have access to Universal's library of TLR material and also cared enough to make their packaging look authentic and even use the Universal logo.
  9. It isn't a bootleg. The DVD has Universal branding, and they published The Legend Reborn. They just reused assets they had lying around from that movie, because why bother when A) Bionicle is dead and B) the DVD seems to only be getting a limited Australia release. It reeks of "nobody wanted this, but it's some weird contractual obligation. let's get this over with and pretend it never existed"
  10. Oh, of course! That makes sense then.
  11. I just want to point out that compositionally, this image is very similar to the fake leaks from just a while ago - the ones with Sports, Cars and PoTC. Also in both cases, there are convenient reasons that no actual products are shown. Some of the wording in this one strikes me as rather unprofessional, too, but maybe Lego's standards for that kind of thing aren't as high internally. Since when has D2C ever been referred to as a part of the company, with the ability to "reveal" something? D2Cs are handled by the team that works on the actual theme (Creator, Star Wars, whatever it is). Also, the RRP is $2,699 dollars. Which is absurd, unless that somehow represents something different in a way I'm not aware of. I'm not convinced, but I guess we'll see!
  12. With regards to the kinda subpar animation, I wouldn't be surprised if this went into production on short notice when the movie was pushed back. They might not have had enough time to add as much polish as usual.
  13. Hi folks! I've got some bad news today. Wes Jenkins, the Creative Director on the original LEGO Island game, is in dire financial straits and needs all the support he can get. My friend Sadie knows him personally and has written this piece. You can find Wes's GoFundMe page here. I know extra money is hard to come by, but please consider making a contribution if it is possible. And even if it isn't, please spread the word - it seriously goes a long way. Thank you so much!
  14. A combination model with a special mask - just like Ultimate Dume! It seems unlikely, but I do hope they put up instructions for him. That dude looks impossible to reverse-engineer.
  15. They said that one was made by an intern, so I doubt it's too reflective on anything in the story.