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  1. That's awesome. Any examples of MOCs using this build?
  2. Apparently Delta Customs on Instagram has said that we'll be getting a Boba Fett constraction figure in 2018!
  3. Yep, that's the box! What kind of set is BB-8, anyway? Part of the TLJ wave? Or a D2C/UCS release?
  4. Everyone is gonna end up loving these sets when official images and reviews come out... I for one love the Resistance Bomber, it's a very unique craft with an interior to boot!
  5. The vehicles look a lot better than TFA's! More variation and the Resistance Bomber looks very unique. Now I'm really excited to see the rest of the wave!
  6. Yeah, no idea why we're getting all the new sets early this year... But that's nothing to complain about!
  7. Oops, that makes perfect sense. Thanks!
  8. Do we know when the JL sets are going to be released? August?
  9. Wow. That means that it's relatively cheap in my country. Thanks!
  10. Oh, that Scout Trooper is beautiful. What's the price of that set in the US, by the way?
  11. Nice! Is that a new helmet mold?
  12. Great! I'll definitely give it a shot!
  13. Is this the complete parts list? Your mod looks amazing, I want to try it!
  14. Nah, there's been a markup in prices since the winter wave, I think. BPs are SGD$30 and USD$25 sets (like the Republic Fighter Tank) are SGD$60.
  15. A heads-up: The summer 2017 wave has been released early in Singapore as part of the May the 4th celebrations. At the expected retail price, too; there's no markup whatsoever.