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  1. Still a beautiful MOC and well deserved of any accolades. I love the Acklay and Nexu!
  2. I actually really like this, especially the concept of it! I do think the wings blocking the center of the cockpit would make this ship impractical to fly but it still looks cool and hey this is lego, we don't design for practicality, we design for style! If you have an clear plate pieces maybe you could put some in the forward point of the wing? Even if we can't see through it, the translucent brick would give the appearance that if this were really in the movie that would either be negative space or transparisteel plating,
  3. I'm not a huge fan of the third party stuff involved but this model is a thing of beauty at this scale!
  4. It looks great so far! If you ever need more reference look up the armada model of an interdictor. Its very accurate and of course is a model.
  5. Mr. Whitefang, a simple request. When you're allowed to post pictures of the mysterious figure, could you take a picture of the back without the cape to show off the back printing if there is any.
  6. Kylo Ren in a heartbeat. His helmet is gorgeous.
  7. Actually that's a really good point but would the lines for the imperial tunic and the bottom of the chef's tunic match up?
  8. To quote Peter Cushing "Princess Lee-ah"
  9. A-Wing Pilot. I really wish it had better legs but the top and the helmet are byond perfect.
  10. Ohhhh you mean that shot where the camera is zooming in on something surrounded by woodish coral? Good point, im really curious about that actually.
  11. How are they going to set up Rukh's motivations in a season, flesh him out, and portray his betrayal of Thrawn. I dont know if I entirely buy that he will kill Thrawn in this timeline and in fact I hope he doesnt. It would be far more interesting if he was put in as a red herring to build tension and in the end something else defeats Thrawn.