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  1. I wonder. Did Bendu forsee Thrawn's fate, the Empire's fate, or the ultimate fate of fascism? I'm not so sure its Thrawn he was ultimately talking about although if Thrawn remains the villain next season its possible its meant to be him. First the positive. The rebels got wrecked. That fleet was roughly twenty ships and only four escaped in the end. I love finally seeing the Empire curbstomp the rebels. Konstantine screwing up the Imperial plan and Sato's sacrifice were awesome moments well set up by previous episodes. Thrawn as always is fantastic and I loved seeing Deathtroopers although is Kanan afraid of them? Visually this was a fantastic episode and oddly enough explosions on rebels always look really amazing, especially on rebel ships Ultimately a really great finale although marred by some iffy choices. Im not keen on how the second interdictor blew up, that was pretty dumb. A ship designed for combat with capital ships, with high ordanance should make any missile or lightsaber attack laughable. I love Kallus but he shouldnt have made it out of this episode. Also why did the creators ever have Thrawn walk so close to Kanan, one slice and game over.
  2. I fully agree. I'm curious also as to why Lego keeps releasing rebel pilots with a helmet that doesnt have a molded visor. We know they're going to eventually do it so by not releasing it now they're giving us all this variety that's going to be outdated in a few years.
  3. Congratulations to all involved this was a really really fun competition and its really cool seeing everyone's builds. Thanks mods for running yet another awesome episode, these are always tons of fun to build for! Well done Ninjanin and Goatman, you're builds are beautiful and great to look at!
  4. You've got to see the Producers, that movie is amazing! The original Mel Brooks version though not the remake. The remake is okay but honestly they add a lot to it that didnt needed to be added in my opinion, but that is subjective and you should make your own opinions.
  5. Well speaking of open worlds I got sucked into Skyrim after years of resistance...WOW that game will clench onto your very soul and not let go for a weekend.
  6. This MOC alone sells me on that battle pack I wish I had bought now. Obi Wan's Clones look incredible! Great job with the SNOT technique! I really like your battlements.
  7. Haha yeah I never connected the two til now but yes this is like a mission in Tie Fighter. Incredible game. It's also got tinges of the Rogue Squadron books which I highly recommend (for the initial four book quadrilogy, I never read further then that.) reading.
  8. Wow I really like your Geonosis build a lot. You're bounty hunter's ship is pretty cool as well! It looks really great as is! Personally, and this is just me, my only suggestion is you might want to break up the floor a little bit considering how large a space you made. Maybe make part of the floor damaged with missing tiles and a pit.
  9. Not a bad idea actually. If people contribute their own pages it would help keep track of the little universe we've got going on here.
  10. Of aliens? Are you kidding? That's extraordinarily useful for MOC's and builds, its how you flesh out scenes and if you don't do any of that it lets kids and AFOLs make cool figs from great body prints.
  11. In a rumor thread a spoiler tag should always be assumed its for spoilers...I'm sorry you got that picture spoiled but you opened the tag at your own risk, don't get salty at him about it.
  12. The closest thing we have to absolutely confirmed right now are the resistance trooper with leggings and female resistance officer we got leaked in the photo months back.
  13. Thrawn better win. Dodonna's line rings hollow to me "Let's finally show them what we're made of" when all the rebels do is win. Top Five episodes? Hmm thats actually kind've hard. This is a show I always find a lot of scenes or moments in every episode to love even if I dislike the episode as a whole. A lot also hinges on next week's episode. As of now my top five list would be: 5. Hera's Heroes 4. Secret Cargo 3. The Antilles Extraction 2. Steps into Shadow 1. Through Imperial Eyes Although any scene with Thrawn is essentially at my top all time favorite moments of this show and Clone Wars.
  14. I had a lot of problems getting a sliding door into one of my builds so full respect you managed it. I dig the computer consoles its a nifty technique.
  15. Its relatively small but you fit a lot in there! I love how detailed and full of life your build is!