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  1. Yeah this is for Discovery. Apparently the detailing is part of the reason the show got delayed to Fall. They sent the uniforms off to Switzerland for the finishing touches.
  2. C3PO - that side printing though
  3. I haven't played the game. Is there enough content currently in the game to keep it going for a year break without additional updates?
  4. I modified the base of my stand so that I can fit the Beatles sign, the fab four, and Jeremy. Essentially I just put the submarine's support back one or two studs from their original position to make space.
  5. I just watched the live action Beauty and the Beast...I won't rail on it too much for those who did enjoy it but I have never left a movie more frustrated before. I didnt even have any expectations for what the movie should be, I just went in hoping to at the least be entertained for two hours, but all the additions to the story and the new songs just made the whole thing a jumbled mess. There was also waaaaaaay too much CGI that made me feel like the whole world they created was lifeless. As a massive fan of 18th century fashion, and having adored Cinderella's costumes, I was really disappointed by the costumes in this. Even on the nice clothing the fabrics felt fake and cheap.
  6. Beauty and the Beast (Live Action version) - Absolutely hated it. I've really enjoyed Disney's live action films for being just enjoyable retellings of the classics but this one just felt lifeless and devoid of character to me. The Lego Batman Movie - Absolutely love it. TLBM is hilarious and I was surprised at how well made it is. I love the real bad guys and seeing them all interact was brilliant.
  7. Star Trek Discovery Uniform Breakdown - Trekmovie I did not like the uniforms at first but seeing them more and then this breakdown makes me appreciate the design behind it. Thats just me what do ya'll think?
  8. Will largely depend on the movie and I don't think no one as of yet knows. Most likely if the helmet only changes slightly Lego will just do a new print on the current mold but that's speculation at this point.
  9. I absolutely love the new updates especially around the cockpit and the dark blue grey middle segment. One thing I do want to figure out though is how feasible moving the white inverted arch back one stud so the middle segment can be completely dark blue grey. As it is right in the original model that white inverted arch is one stud forward of the back half of the ship.
  10. Yularen. Tusken should've been a mini fig head with a darth maul esque crown for the horns, not a new mold that could've been ponda baba
  11. Not perfect but the best option we have right now if you want Rebels Ashoka to have shoulders. If only the bottom of the arm was dark brown or grey. Ah well, its much better then nothing.
  12. While I don't like the FO Snowtrooper's look I do think its a perfect rendition of what we see on screen.
  13. Just Thrawn, Yularen has black pants so the chef legs with the white line for the bottom of the tunic is still the best for him.