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  1. Throlar follows the others.
  2. "Oh dear. Do you have any pressing need for it? Because the local Weather Mage is feeling very ill and she needs it to recover. Is there any way I can persuade you to part with it?"said Throlar in the most diplomatic way possible.
  3. "Yes, let's head to Cruster's Castoffs, before Germ's tendency to relate new and interesting ways for us to die jinxes us."
  4. "Are you feeling well miss? If not we can leave and come back when you're feeling better."
  5. "I also feel like the Shell Tower is a good choice, but while we're on the subject of locations what's this 'Madam Mhims' place?"
  6. "I certainly think it's true that Eubric needs to pay more attention to the world around it, but at the same time it shouldn't loose sight of it's own problems. The city is a powder keg just waiting to explode and as long as it keeps trying to ignore it's problems in the hope they'll go away they'll just keep getting worse." "However, if you do want to build more bridges to the outside world, or need any outside help with your own problems, then I'm certain Titaan will be ready to help."
  7. "Technically we're already in Babeleth, the northern shore of this straight in actually the southernmost point on it's coast. As for what it's like, well, it's mostly uninhabited wilderness with a few cities, the center is dominated by the Ozmath Marshlands and to the east is the Lost Forest. I've actually been here before twice, though due to unpleasant circumstances which would take to long to explain the cities of Fellcrest and Vega and the ruins of Transmogria are places that would not welcome my presence. The nearest city to us is Port Taboo (which, to clarify, I've never been to). It's just a few miles up the coast and is far closer than Salamandria, though I'd dearly love to go there too at some point. Continuing on the subject of Babeleth, it's also the source of the Decamon card game, which was invented by the ruler of the city of Vega, the Emerald Emperor Roland Esmeraldo, who is also the exiled former third emperor of Dastan." "Yep, that's basically it."
  8. "Yes, I'm ready."
  9. "This is... something I've never heard before, would you tell me more?"
  10. Throlar downs a mead, then replaces his Quiver of Homing arrows with his Crow Helmet and his Shield of Invisibility with his Elven Shield. He then spends his action swapping out his Lions Plate for his Lethauros Crushers. Throlar, having readied himself for the worst suddenly began speaking to the manticore (Animal Talk). <Look,> he said trying to be diplomatic, <I don't want to fight you if it can be avoided, so before we start murdering each other, is there any way we could just talk about this? You have something of great importance to the sirens so if you could just give it to us and promise not to attack them unprovoked we can leave you and your family in peace.> (OOC: Does the double damage from the Lethauros Crushers stack with the double damage from the Dwarven Portable Catapult?)
  11. "Well, I have nothing to add to this conversation so we might as well get going."
  12. "Why do you attack the ships that come through here? I've never quite understood the purpose of that."
  13. "No, that is not why we are here, we only seek safe passage for ourselves and those who will follow after us. I am sorry to hear of your loss though, is there any successor or heir to be crowned or...?
  14. "Yes, though I hope it doesn't come down to a fight." "None for me please, if we're going to be talking to these people I'd like to be able to hear what they're saying."
  15. "Germ, if you could stop behaving like a rowdy bantam for one minute I would be exceedingly grateful."