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  1. "Well," said Throlar, "might as well do this now." Throlar uses his First Aid Kit, then attacks Natnail from the back row with the Dwarven Portable Catapult.
  2. Throlar looked at his companions, utterly nonplussed by their miserable performance. "Well, if I have to carry this whole thing on my back," he said, "then no sense holding back." Throlar drank his Smelling Salts. "You know, in hindsight I ought to have done that in the beginning." he said as he attacked Monsique from the back row.
  3. Throlar briefly considered retrieving his weapon, but he decided that with Germ unconscious again they needed every possible person fighting. Accordingly, he attacked Monsique from the front row with his Mopagsaber.
  4. Throlar blinks at Natnail. "You again? What the hell are you doing here? Did you not get beaten down badly enough last time for your liking, is that it?" Throlar attacks Monsique from the back row with his Fellcrest Hand Axe. (OOC: Why is the Halberd still in my inventory? I'm pretty certain I already explained that it shouldn't be there.)
  5. "Wine, Montresor White preferably."
  6. "Oh, sorry. You said personal business and I thought... I"ll just go now."
  7. "Torald, I was being just a tiny bit flippant with that remark, please don't take it entirely seriously." "I don't disagree with that, I just disagree with shooting someone on suspicion rather than with irrefutable proof of enmity. If this fellow here (whom, for some mysterious reason, we are talking about as if he wasn't present) knew for a fact that the werepenguin was after one of his crew than that counts as self defense. But as we have no knowledge of weather or not that was the case, I suggest we let him inform us himself."
  8. "I'm not 'itching' to collect anything. No matter how tempting the offer is we have no information on why this bounty was posted or what he did to earn it. And though the offer is tempting I'm somewhat more worried about the fact that someone has set up a Heroica knockoff here. 'Quest twenty-two'? Really? That's our shtick! Do they have magic that prevents them from dying? No! As we just saw. However..." here he looked back towards where all the blood was. "...that does bring us to the fact that the good captain here seems to have shot a man who was on the other side of the room from himself, possibly with little or no provocation. That is something I find rather objectionable."
  9. Throlar walks over to the merman. "Excuse me, but I just saw a man walk out of here with a hole in his chest and die. Would you kindly tell me just what the hell happened in here?" Throlar doesn't take it because he's currently inside the building while Hoke is outside it.
  10. Throlar enters the Tortoise.
  11. "I'd like to have a look at the Seastar Square, there might be something interesting there, if not we out always look at the giant dead starfish."
  12. "Err, are you certain this is a good idea? It is the middle of the night, maybe everyone's asleep? Or gone home?"
  13. "That seems reasonable enough, hostels it is."
  14. "Well this is an interesting development. Lead on Hoke, let's see what's in store for us here."
  15. "Hoke, I fail to see us or her having the time to train you and Ezeran, perhaps she has a copy or two of 'Begone with the Wind' that she could give us?" he said, turning towards the Naga as he spoke in his most diplomatic tones.