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  1. Flare! Good to see you again.
  2. "Should you ask our help in transporting them back to the village for burial then I at least would be willing to help. I'm sorry we weren't able to save them. Now can you please point me in the direction of whoever the most skilled healer in this village is? Lippi here was badly injured in the fight and needs attention."
  3. "You two have fun, I'm going back to the village with everyone else."
  4. "A talking humanoid cat, he had really long fangs and these weird, cold, blue eyes. Do you know anything about that?"
  5. "Yes, though I was unconscious for most of the fight and missed some things. Apparently Giorgione transformed into a kitty person halfway through."
  6. Throlar took the potion and used it on Lippi.
  7. "Not if he's already dead it won't!" said Throlar irritably.
  8. As soon as the battle ended Throlar, ignoring all else, rushed over to Lippi's side, knelt down and began feverishly checking to se if he was still alive. "Please don't be dead, please don't be dead please don't be dead..."
  9. Throlar repeats.
  10. Throlar attacks from the front row with his Sundering Longsword.
  11. Throlar uses his nostrum from the back row.
  12. Throlar attacks Giorgione from the back row with his Dwarven Portable Catapult. Lippi attacks Giorgione from the back row.
  13. Throlar switches his current shield for his Shield of Invisibility and uses his Phoenix Essence on Lippi from the back row. Lippi heals Augusta Wind from the back row.
  14. Throlar groggily got to his feet, looking at the carnage around him. "Umm... I must have missed something big. Why is he a kitty now?" he said, pointing at Giorgione, "Was Germ's theory correct?" Throlar Attacks Giorgione from the back row with his Dwarven Portable Catapult.
  15. (OOC: Why is the battle still divided into two fronts at this point?)