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  1. (OOC: The back row.)
  2. (OOC: Can I switch my shield if I'm stunned? If so; Throlar replaces his Weathered Shield with his Shield of Invisibility and does nothing. (If I can't; Throlar waits for his inevitable defeat.
  3. (OOC: When did Throlar become hastened?) Throlar attacks Kappa Shadow Assassin C from the front row. Lippi attacks Kappa Shadow Assassin C from the front row (unless C has been defeated, in which case he will attack E).
  4. (OOC: I'll probably be away for all or most of tomorrow, if orders are necessary then MysticModulus has control over Throlar and Lippi.)
  5. Throlar uses his Venom on his Sundering Longsword, then uses his Baldur Bomb from the back row. Lippi attacks Kappa Chi Monk B from the front row.
  6. "No one is trying to take your land away from you, merely asking you to share it with those in need. The people who are being sent here are poor and oppressed, they have lived all their lives in terrible conditions forced on them by those in power. Sending them here is a way of giving them a fresh start, of improving their lot in life. Surely some compassion for these people would be befitting of the great and worthy inhabitants of Kappa-La?" Throlar said diplomatically.
  7. "Yes, my name is Throlar Wineghilm of Titaan. These are my companions. Tell me, why are you against us? Do you believe we are lesser for being foreign? And who gave you the right to judge your fellows? What power has granted you this authority?"
  8. "To meet you, what else? We have heard of you and the Primo and we wish to learn of you and why a bringer of order and tradition would set fire to his own people's village and crops."
  9. "Only those who wish to be friends of you and your people." Throlar said, bowing diplomatically as he spoke.
  10. "Well, my hint coin says that the answer is right in front of us. I have absolutely no idea what that means." Throlar walked up to the door in a state of annoyance, wondering just what the hell this door wanted them to do. Suddenly he stopped as if noticing something for the first time. "Ah. I think I know what it means now."
  11. "Yes." Throlar uses his Hint Coin.
  12. "I see, very impressive. Tell me Lippi, can you tell us more about Torangu while we try to figure out a way in?"
  13. "Oh yes, mind control, the only thing that could make this more complicated." "Yes, we would be very grateful if you would do that." Throlar shot Germ an odd look, but didn't say anything.
  14. "Oh yippie, racial purists, I hate those guys." He massaged his forehead in the manner of someone who was about to have a massive headache. "Can you tell us how many of these bastards there are, and where exactly in the jungles they hide? It would make dealing with them easier and we be very grateful."
  15. "The Primo? Migration? I apologize for our ignorance but I don't think any of us knows what either of those things are." "Certainly," said Throlar in his most diplomatic tones, "But accepting our help would make the work easier."