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  1. "Hear hear."
  2. It's been a while. 1. I've been in three games and that Heroica special event a while back. I tend to die. A lot. 2. Yes, though that may be subject to change. 3. Voice actor for animated films, or a special effects man.
  3. "What, saving lives? Helping people? How can you do that too well? I say if people don't need us that's a good thing, it means there's less wrong with the world."
  4. Throlar wanted to dispute her statements, he wanted to say that she didn't need to attain power to have freedom, but he didn't really believe it himself. So he kept silent, thinking of his own obligations, those to Titaan that he had neglected, those to others that he felt he could never fulfill, and those to his moral code that he would never be able to live up to. Gods, how the elf's words made him feel them, feel them like heavy weights around his neck, strangling him, like great honking albatrosses that would never be silenced or satiated. He suddenly felt a great desire to be free of them, to cast off all ties to the world. But how could he? How can anyone with the slightest thread of compassion do that? Every wrong done to others became an obligation to them to right it, every tear shed was an obligation to bring a smile to that face. All life was an obligation of this kind and true freedom was impossible without cutting off all love and kindness. And that would make whoever did that a monster, unfettered by goodness. Good itself was an obligation, a duty to the world, and to shirk it was selfish cruelty. But he didn't say these things outside his head, he simply kept silent.
  5. "Then as long as you don't start turning evil I see no reason to object. But what prompted this desire in you? As far as I know, the only dragon you've met is Lethauros, and I see no reason why you'd want to emulate him." Throlar leaned away from the new arrival with a look of unease on his face. "Yes well, people like that tend to be a bit... obsessive. For normal people the monk's statements may prove true."
  6. Ah, good to know. Thank you.
  7. Why not ask the buyer which head he wants? In all probability he probably wants the head listed in the catalog.
  8. "I... I can sympathize. I know what it's like to feel inadequate, like you don't have the power to make a difference. I'm constantly surrounded by heroes who are more powerful and better fighters than I am. I've honestly lost count of the times I've been knocked out in combat, and the memories of the people I failed to protect hang upon my soul heavily. But tell me, do you honestly feel that becoming a dragon is the best way for you to help people?" "Well that's depressing." Throlar, having listened to the monk's words, shot a quizzical glance at Annie, as if trying to frame her in his mind as a tyrannical dictator.
  9. I like this a lot, what did you use to build and render it?
  10. "That is the most disturbing and unpleasant thing I've ever heard. What's the point of self improvement if it makes you cease to be yourself?"
  11. I love the designs used here, especially the use of the blueish-gray egg peaces and the appearance of the old dark grey bat piece. And the bat statue is genius!
  12. Throlar sat in silence, staring at Annie in blank speechlessness. "What. The hell." he finally intoned in shock.
  13. Throlar sighed. "I'm not going to argue with that because I agree with you, but your attitude still comes off as overbearing rather than helpful. And I don't react well to people who I perceive as insulting my friends." "Dastan. Also, he's telling you that treating with spirits is dangerous and you shouldn't do that but he apparently has advised you to actively seek out a large, fire-breathing, dangerously capricious being? And why all this interest in dragons anyway?"
  14. "And how do you know she is unaware of the dangers? You seem to assume she is some form of naive ignoramus simply for engaging in such rituals. And why are you here anyway? What right do you have to intrude on this conversation? As far as I know no one asked for you to contribute!"
  15. I never really know what to say here, so I'll content myself with saying that I really enjoyed it and look forward to questing with all of you again.