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  1. A quick one-piece change, alerted to me by @bricksmarlin: On page: 758 - change the 1x10 plate for a 1x6 plate. 759 - ignore the (x2) 1x2 plates. That will make the topside panels line up properly, as they were in my original build. The free-sitting panels are intended to make it easier to access the interior without disrupting the wings.
  2. Wow, awesome to see it take shape! Hope you found the build straightforward. Your model is actually more optimised than mine is, since I still have substitutions in place. I tore it down last night and set about configuring it to my own instructions. I originally had the cockpit Mixel ball-joints higher up. I lowered them to give clearance for the front seats, so you might have to occasionally level out the cockpit sides. I found a small optional improvement that can be made to the wings (stage 40). On pages 525 and 631, either: a) slide a 7L technic axle behind the 3L technic pin (blue) b) replace the 3L technic pin with a 10L technic axle Oh, and take the opportunity now to swoosh it around it becomes much harder once the wings are on!
  3. Looking a bit further afield, any thoughts on when the Han Solo movie sets will hit shelves? The other merchandising events were/are: 2015 Force Friday September 4th 2016 Rogue Friday September 30th 2017 Force Friday September 1st They could arrive around December-January alongside the second “The Last Jedi” wave, but I find it more likely that they will have a special Disney release roughly 10 weeks before the 25th May 2018 opening (like Rogue One). That would early March 2018.
  4. I have adjusted the Rebrickable inventory, particularly with the following: Pages 560 & 686 Of the (x12) 62462 required: (x4) 75535 are needed in Dark Bluish Grey for the wings (page 560), but as they are somewhat rare you could use (x8) 18654 instead. (x8) are needed when fitting the wings (page 686), but I suggest using 62462 Flat Silver (very common colour). Page 72 The Dark Bluish Grey slope 30 1 x 2 x 2/3 should have this print. So you only need (x38) for the rest of the model.
  5. Good question. I had a look at the 10212 instructions, where the stand has a pyramid that fits into a 4x6 hole in the shuttle, whilst supporting the underside. The first steps for my model lays down a row of (x7) 6x6 plates with 2x10 plate 'ribbing' across them (middle of the ship here). Only the rear five are accessible (as the ladder area is built over the front two), so in theory a couple could be taken out, reinforced, and made to fit two 10212 type stands. You would need a lot of space to display it in flight mode, but it could be done. I never attempted this as I don't even have a stand (yet) for my bricklinked 10212. The flat underside has a surface area of 42 x 10, which should be enough to spread and balance the load.
  6. Thanks for the kind comments! I managed to use separate files in Blueprint for sub-models, then skipped to the end for final assembly. I plan to have my V-35 speeder, A-wing & T-16 skyhopper available for free soon. I've been told that Rebrickable is not always loading parts at the moment, but below are obvious substitutions that come to mind: Page 5-7 / 768 The (x7) 6x6 orange plates are not visible. They can be substituted for 6x6 or 6x12 plates of any colour. Pages 43-45 The 10x10 stud area (in front of what becomes the door into the cargo pod) can be tiled however you like, particularly with jumper plates for minifigures. Pages 403 + 420 The only geometry clash that I found in LDD was with the left + right 3x6 wedge plates (added on pages 98 + 122). It works on my physical model, but you could change them for a right + left 1x3 wedge plates (but it would leave a small gap). Pages 436-448 Any pair of stacked 1x2 bricks can be substituted for a 1x2x2 brick (you could switch out all x88 for x44 if you want). Pages 686 While carefully supporting the wing upright, remove the free sitting Technic Axle 11 (newly available in the 2017 Y-wing) and replace through the (x3) Gear 40 tooth. Don’t forget the (x2) 2L pin connectors! Page 687-688 There is enough flexibility to squeeze the wing linkage into the rear wing. The proper ‘official’ way would involve fitting both wings at once, but that would require help to hold it steady and insert the axles. Page 768 The topside panels remove for ease of maintenance and adjusting the worm gears if required. Let me know any other ideas if you have them.
  7. Hello everyone! After receiving so many enquiries seeking instructions for my Zeta-class cargo shuttle, I am pleased to announce the release of a professional 768 page instruction manual for purchase. The final piece count is 4418, just surpassing 75159 Death Star. The completed model measures 70 x 56 x 38cm (wings upright). I have put together a package that includes the 768 page pdf instruction manual, parts list and LDD file. All of it is available for 25 British pounds (£25). If you would like to purchase the plans, please either PM me or contact me at I will have a public parts list uploaded to rebrickable very soon (for simplicity, red coloured pieces can be anything you like, they are not visible from the exterior). I’m sure everyone appreciates the long hours that went into designing both the physical model and step-by-step build. I had a lot of fun putting this one together and hope others will too! The Rebrickable parts list is now live here. Here is the original thread from February 2017 and the Flickr album. I have revised the attachment between the wings and main body, but not been brave enough to motorise it - I'll leave that to someone else to try! Below are a few excerpts from the manual: Please feel free to use this thread to discuss anything about the model design, building steps, part substitutions, etc.
  8. If you support Lepin, you are basically sponsoring thieves and criminals. Goodness knows what other criminal enterprises they are involved in!
  9. Without protection of intellectual property, many of the things we love would not exist. It would be anarchy. Star Wars would not be what it is today without some protection for its creator.
  10. This is just an incredible build! Absolutely magnificent. I would love to get your U-Wing and my Zeta-Class Cargo Shuttle in the same room! They would look great together.
  11. Some new shots of the Zeta approaching Scarif and with its 'posher' sibling, the Lambda-class.
  12. Thanks for all the great comments everyone :) Going to add some more photos soon with the UCS Lambda-class together with the Zeta-class.
  13. I found the extracted fbx file from the Battlefront Scarif DLC here and imported it into Blender without too much difficulty (the wings are not aligned with the main model in that file). I'm planning to upload some photo/schematic comparisons later. Despite the hefty piece count I only spent £89 on Bricklink, the most expensive being 40 tooth gears and gearboxes, with a few parts 'borrowed' from my Kylo Ren shuttle.
  14. Thanks for the comments everyone. The cockpit is not quite finished, but the lower deck remains the same as before. It is somewhat tricky to access without taking the roof off. I could probably fit power function lights into the ceiling - that would make it much easier to photograph. I know Cavegod is working on a motorised version packing 4 XL motors, but I would struggle to find room in the front to mount anything like that. Maybe someday...
  15. Greetings everyone! After a couple of months work I am proud to present my minifigure scale Zeta-class cargo shuttle. “Manufactured by Telgorn Corporation with Sienar Fleet Systems, the Zeta-class shuttle carries a modular ‘interstellar orange’ cargo pod for versatility mounted on a 35.5m length frame.” Ever since Rogue One introduced the design, the industrial mining tug aesthetic appealed to me. It has the kit-bashed sensibility that I love in Star Wars, so I set about a UCS sized build. The lower cargo deck has space for troops and features a communications patch bay. I’m still working on finishing touches to the upper deck, but it houses the two seat command console and aft tech station. The gearing mechanism from 10212 locks the wings upright. By simply lifting the top deck away I can adjust the angle if required. The wingspan measures 1.15m, so I have yet to find space to photograph the wings in flight mode! During construction I used LDD for rapid prototyping. I still need to update the final build into the program, but the current ballpark is 4000 pieces. The Rogue One ultimate visual guide and Battlefront Scarif DLC were invaluable for determining the proportions. My personal technique for ‘minifigure scale’ is to calculate in-universe size against stud length. Small craft like speeders and skimmers skew towards 4.0s/m, starfighters 3.5s/m and large craft (e.g. UCS Slave 1 and Lambda shuttle) at 2.7s/m. Therefore I aimed for 92s long and 75s high. The final model measures 88s (l) 70s (h) 48s (w) / 70cm (l) 56cm (h) 38cm (w). Finally I threw together a Scarif landing pad for a diorama. Hope you all like it! (Link to the flickr album is here.)