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  1. I'm not sure I understand. For his actual eyes to be visible through his cowl's eyeholes, they would have to be printed much higher on his head than any other minifigure, makng him look ridiculous underneath. The cowl is made to accommodate the white strip on his forehead that gives him his white eyes. So they'd have to mold an entirely new cowl piece to make his eyes visible through it, and they don't seem interested in having that- they like the comic-book effect of the white eyes.
  2. Yeah, I'm hoping they're not all novelty mascot suits, because some more serious costumes could possibly be taken out of context.
  3. How would they give Ivy her own set? Unless they did the kiss-dodging scene as a $12 set, I can't see much potential for her (she has no vehicle or other screen spotight), and the penguins won't stack, anyway. I love the figure, but I don't know what they can do with her. I'm a bit disappointed that the Ubers don't have as much representation, but most of them would have to be scaled down, so I can see why that didn't happen.
  4. If I'm understanding your question correctly, the armor is just part of the second torso mold, so it's not removable. General Kozu had something similar. So there are two mini-torso parts in this line- armored, and "standard".
  5. I love the N-Pop Girl, and I have no idea why. It's just so perfectly pastel, and the fact that Ninjago-Pop is its own genre is a great little touch of worldbuilding. I'm assuming the GPL tech is a Gotham native from the LEGO Batman Movie world? Besides her, though, I'm not seeing any others I have to have, but the bowl pieces and new hair elements might make it worthwhile to pick up some more.
  6. There was nothing confirmed to come out next year, besides the possibility of Vortech. Everything else was considered or rejected, so it's safe to say that there were no finalized and/or produced sets for release.
  7. The hot-air balloon is awesome, but that design-across-multiple-pieces is probably why they rejected it. Stickers or print would both be difficult to line up perfectly so it would match up.
  8. I haven't had any data erased, but several of my Adventure Worlds aren't loading everything- explorable areas like the Goldstein apartment, restoration NPCs, and quest givers alike. I've tried deleting the updates and packs and reinstalling them, but they're coming back exactly as they were. I'm done with this game until they fix it, because it's honestly a terrible mess.
  9. Huh. So the game might be in limbo....but is there really enough viability? The sets are never flying off the shelves and are frequently discounted. The general buying public just isn't into it. If they really wanted to revitalize the game, cost might be more effective than licenses, though I don't know how they would make prices lower.
  10. Oh, believe me, I have no qualifications to be able to do that. If anyone deserves a job there, it's Robert8. I have ideas, not talent.
  11. I really wish they had done exclusive Arkham uniforms for all of them- melting for Two-Face's left side, plants on Ivy, scratches on Catwoman, question marks on Riddler, etc. Because the inmates don't count as unique figures to me- who cares if it's logical and cost-effective?
  12. Those aren't rumors. My point was that we have heard absolutely zero in the way of confirmed plans for the game. So yes, there are lots of great things they could do and a long list of things I'd love to see them incorporate into the game, but we have nothing to go on that suggests that there is anything beyond Year Two.
  13. It's just...seeing all of the stuff that they're definitely not gonna do...what is there to announce for the game's future? We have a long list of planned features that never made it, but we haven't heard so much as a rumor regarding what has. I don't know what the plan is, stretching out the time like that, but I can't imagine it to be a confirmation of things to come.
  14. The LEGO Batman Movie is the best possible vehicle for obscure and ridiculous villains, so that's why we're seeing them all of a sudden. The next/last wave might be our last chance to really dig into that collection of zany baddies, because I doubt we'll see them in the main line.
  15. I wonder what they would have done with Looney Tunes. I'd imagine Bugs Bunny and a Tweety/Sylvester Team Pack, maybe, but what would the characters be capable of? The only character I can think of with any kind of gameplay potential is Duck Dodgers. Although I'm VERY glad Despicable Me wasn't happening. Besides Mega-whatever having the rights to the franchise, it's good that we don't have any LEGO Minion minifigures on the way.