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  1. Thanks, Forresto! It was a quick concept 'sketch', and at first I was satisfied with the idea, but now I'm a bit more hesitant when it comes to trying this. There seem to be a few more differences between the Kashyyyk trooper & Imperial scout trooper helmets than just the lower front part. The Imperial scout trooper helmet is much curvier, the front part of it is slimmer and juts out in a forward position quite a bit more, and the side vents are larger and more apparent. which leads me to believe that I might as well just update the body alone and simply wait for LEGO to release an actual new helmet mold. I might still try it, but I'd have to find suitable white spray paint that resembles LEGO white. (Do let me know, if any of you know any good types) With that said, while I do like the Kashyyyk troopers, I do find it ridiculous that they were given precedence over new Imperial scout trooper helmets.
  2. What do you guys think of the current OT scout trooper helmet? It's been in use for nearly 16 years now, and the only Imperial helmet mold I really feel has held up since then has, of course, been the regular stormtrooper helmet. That one's perfect as it is, but the scout trooper helmet could, I believe, use some updating. What would you guys think of using the Kashyyyk trooper helmet for one? In terms of customizing, it would mean sanding down the two round things near the vent in the frontal part of the helmet, then spraying it all white to paint the rest accordingly afterwards. This is an idea I had today, and I mean to recreate it with a real helmet piece very soon. I believe the shapes are almost the same (correct me if I'm wrong), and, let's be honest here, the old scout trooper helmet has never been that accurate. It captures a bit of the basic look, but the overall shape doesn't match its movie counterpart and has, simply put, become outdated in general as well. So what do you guys think, would the Kashyyyk scout trooper helmet mold be a suitable way of updating the OT scout trooper helmet as well? I made a really quick concept/demonstration with a few comparison shots of my idea, just imagine the rest along with it:
  3. Hey, that actually looks very good, like I had hoped it would. I actually had exactly the same idea for the Royal Guard gown, so I'm definitely going to be making use of it now, having seen it. However, Forresto's idea sounds good to me as well. I'd like to see Royal Guards with double gowns, if you'd be willing to show us that. The only problem I can think of with that would be the "curtain" effect it might have, with the front parts of the gown hanging down on each side.
  4. Sounds like my money won't be going to many of those minifigures... hardly worth it if almost all of them are just Bat-variants instead of special characters anyway.
  5. Those are some fantastic minifigures, there! Great to add on to the existing rebel troopers and Imperial troopers. Expansions...
  6. Very cool miniatures, well done indeed!
  7. I'm looking for multiples of the Rebel Pilot from 2014's 75032 Microfighter X-wing. With or without helmet, no blaster needed either, but everything else (head, torso and legs) is needed. I would prefer to trade things but if you've got some for sale for a reasonable price, I'd be open to proposals as for that as well. As for trading, I've got various older Star Wars figures, as well as Castle, some LOTR,The Hobbit as well as some space minifigs, and several figures from various different Collectible Minifigures series. [img][/img]
  8. I just don't understand why they couldn't just treat people with some nice arm printing and extra leg printing, maybe some dual molded legs. Even if just on the arms of the Imperial Gunners so they'd have similar arms to the pilot from the UCS TIE Fighter. It would just make the figures that much better plus it would make those arm pieces a little more available. I can only hope they're going to start doing more arm printing in 2017.
  9. Light grey? No way, his white is just as white as stormtrooper white. [img][/img]
  10. I really hope they're finally going to add dual molding to some of the Star Wars minifigures. The Jedi should have boots, and Yoda should have olive green feet with toe patterns. It would be very disappointing if LEGO's most popular theme didn't get to have such detailed minifigures in a year of multiple hyper-detailed figures in even small to medium sized sets. (The LEGO Batman Movie, other superheroes sets...)
  11. I've got to say, even the printing on the minifigures is mediocre compared to modern standards. Ben Kenobi's still got his crappy "robes" that only cover the front of his legs. Silly curtains. No hip printing on the stormtroopers. No leg printing on Leia whatsoever. It's just disappointing all around, really. Superhero sets get all the dual molded arms, legs, printed arms, printed legs, even side print on legs, but Star Wars figures are getting the short end of the stick, left to run behind today's standards. They're just gonna keep updating figures every few years like this, continuously disturbing collectors.
  12. Is that image of the Death Star's box art with the Millennium Falcon silhouette real? [quote name='will' timestamp='1471543645' post='2638992'] Yeah those blocky edges look really old now. (I can't believe I'm complaining about blocky edges given what Lego is! Haha) [/quote] Oh come on... by now you should know about the incredible shapes that can be accomplished with LEGO pieces. I haven't used the famous 2x4 brick in any MOCs these past years at all! The least they could've done was add some good slopes to give the thing a better look.
  13. [quote name='Aegis2000' timestamp='1471543129' post='2638984'] For $100 extra? Heck yeah! [/quote] Yes, instead people have to pay $100 extra (as far as the info from sources goes but I trust them on that) for a few hundred little random pieces tossed around the set.
  14. [quote name='RetroInferno' timestamp='1471542338' post='2638964'] Well the little hope I had for this just vanished. And to be crystal clear I wouldn't have minded an updated version of the original, I even like the concept, but updated as an improved model, not same same thing with updated mini figs for 100$ more. This really looks like a 2008 set, the edges are anything but smooth... Jesus Christ who the hell was in charge of updating this? [/quote] I agree, the set is absolutely not up to today's standards. They put zero effort into even slightly updating the model. The rough, blocky edges alone are off-putting enough to make me say 'no'. Also, I'm almost willing to bet Leia is going to have plain white legs again. And Ben Kenobi will have those robes again that only cover the front of his legs. LEGO, can you [i]please [/i]just start adding more arm printing, side leg printing and some dual molded stuff to Star Wars figures like the Superhero figures are getting, and put more thought into finding the best solution for pulling off certain looks? Kenobi's legs should be dual molded (dark brown & tan). I had to paint the sides and back sides of the legs on my own Kenobi figure myself because it looked so bad. And where's the hip printing on the stormtroopers? Are we going to be getting Imperial troopers with hip printing in the Rogue One sets, but not here, and then get stormtroopers with hip printing in next year's battlepacks? So much to complain about but it's only justified when they went lazy-mode on a set that is going to cost half a grand.
  15. Similar? This is not what I expected when every source said "similar" - this thing is [i]exactly [/i]the same as 10188, only with updated figures and most definitely lots of unnecessary little random parts stuffed around it to make it 100 dollars more expensive. I rarely complain about sets (I didn't even complain about the much hated Assault on Hoth, which I agree was disappointing but at least had a novelty-factor) and I know what to expect of most sets, but this is just utterly lazy. Most disappointing year for Star Wars UCS sets yet. They didn't even attempt to update anything except for the minifigures. They could've just kept 10188 on the market and swapped all the minifigures (like they've done in the past with certain minifig parts that went out of production due to updated versions) instead of dropping this absolute cash grab on top of us. This is not to say I ever hated 10188, and I did want it when I was many years younger, but the new version doesn't even have some kind of novelty-factor to convince me. The only things I'm interested in from this set are the minifigures, which I will undoubtedly collect (unless I already have them) for my OT minifig collection, but the rest of my money goes to saving up for a potential new Millennium Falcon. Also, why did they think the Mini TIE would be a good idea to do again? They could've at least done [i]something [/i]different from 10188 and made a mini Star Destroyer to scale with the Death Star, but even that was too much...