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  1. As I predicted. No dual molding on Bossk, thus making the figure look unnecessarily outdated in this day and age. The norm for Star Wars minifigures, it seems, even though dual molding happens on some other (smaller) themes in abundance... And of course! Extra detailed Star Wars minifigures with arm printing... only available in overly expensive UCS sets that, once bought, render the rest of your pilots incompatible. I'm finding these money-raking tricks a bit dirty. Plenty of other themes get arm printing and even dual molding all around even in small sets, but for Star Wars, it's made exclusive to only the most expensive sets...
  2. The LEGO Adventurers Movie (ft. Johnny Thunder)
  3. Thank you!
  4. Thank you, both! I just swapped two of the original images, including the main pictures, for brighter versions, see above. As for the next dinosaur - or one of the next ones - I'll definitely try my hand at a Carnivorous one! I like those suggestions, Faladrin, so I'll take a look at those two.
  5. Thank you, everybody! Much appreciated. Feel free to suggest a future dinosaur for me to make, I'm currently trying to figure that out so ideas are still welcome.
  6. Thank you! Much appreciated.
  7. Buzz Lightyear, no doubt - to the stars and beyond!
  8. You have those "regular series" to thank for the existence of the non-regular ones to begin with.
  9. Small? You're kidding, right? Or else what planet are you from?
  10. I'd argue there are less traditional themes, too, which bothers and greatly concerns me. We even don't have Castle anymore at the moment, just the weird Sci-Fi Fantasy Medieval blend that is Nexo Knights. But worst of all, some themes are simply very rare or unseen after their initial incarnations and their comebacks are not as inevitable as one may hope. Adventurers comes to mind here. Pharaoh's Quest was cool but.. that was 6 years ago. And none of those characters had any chance of becoming nearly as iconic as Johnny Thunder, who was basically the face of LEGO adventurer themes back in the day. He was everywhere if it concerned adventuring, he was THE adventurer. They either need a new icon for this or bring back Johnny Thunder in all his glory to represent adventurer sets, because LEGO City Jungle stuff does not justify any of this. It's just another City theme with some cool new pieces but boring characters without a real story. NinjaGO, Chima, Nexo Knights, they honestly all scream the same thing to me. It's becoming a cliche within LEGO story themes - mix genres in a wacky way, have a good versus evil conflict, make a cartoon that might as well be any other 3D cartoon because the only LEGO thing about it are the basic shapes of the figures. Gone seem the days of interesting historical themes with, at most, mild fantasy elements. Johnny Thunder made his comeback in 2014 with The LEGO Movie, and has also appeared in one of the sets, which means that he's clearly on people's minds, but we are left to wonder if we might ever see a comeback of the theme as a whole, with revamps of all the characters. 'The LEGO Adventurers Movie' would be a fantastic way to kick off a great sub-series within The LEGO Movie franchise starring Johnny Thunder and his comrades Pippin Reed and Dr. Kilroy. That is potentially one of the best things they could do with the movie franchise in the coming few years, as it would also pave way for them to bring back already-famous LEGO characters and cater to both classic fans and younger audiences, setting the stage for the continuation of the stories of the legendary Johnny Thunder. We don't want no Jake Raines, we want Johnny Thunder back!
  11. Thanks! Process on other customs has been halted due to an allergic reaction to one of the materials. Presumably the primer, which I hadn't used before up until that point, so I hope that I can continue soon once I throw that out. If so, I would like to make some of the characters from the newest POTC movie that's coming out in May.
  12. With one of my recent MOCs, people have been asking for instructions and since I generally don't have a lot of time, it's been a doubtful case. However, I've considered making them and then selling them for this MOC (and other MOCs with hundreds of pieces that involve complex techniques) to justify the time taken (which will also help me fund such creations in the future). Now that someone has mentioned being willing to pay for them, I decided to do some research. As this is something I haven't done before, I was wondering if there are any guidelines to take into mind to start doing this. What people are generally willing to pay, the best way to distribute the instructions and any other things to potentially take in mind, such as the unwanted spreading of copies and all other things that may be involved. Knowing that there might be some people here who also deal in such trades and some who may just know a thing or two about it, I figured I'd just ask to help get me started in the best way possible. ~ GM
  13. Thank you! I might just do that someday, but I'm currently working on concepts for the next ones... Thank you - I'm glad! Sure, if you can see how I did it, that is!
  14. Thank you, everyone! Glad y'all like it. There's more on the way. I have no plans for that, I figured I wanted to use my Johnny Thunder figure somewhere and decided this would be a great opportunity to sneak him into one of my MOC pictures. However, I don't plan on taking my dinosaur(s) apart anytime soon, either, so I can always include them in smaller Adventurers MOCs - that's something I might like to do sometime in the future. Yes, it still is, but it's more difficult than with, say, ball joint connections. The legs don't move as easily and the hind legs may need to be taken off in order to pose them without breaking things off, but I gladly made that sacrifice in order for the overall look to flourish in the way I wanted it to.