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  1. "Wish the penguin still had the Tiger Balm. Torald, get back and use that armor to your advantage." Hoke grunts in frustration as the Paladin shrugs off the damage from Zoot's Order. But he quickly realizes that, regardless, some damage was done. He looks for a new target, hoping to outlast these 'heroes'. Zoot's Order, Natnail, Back Row. Same BO. Did you add the penguin's loot to Hoke's inventory?
  2. Battle Order: Hoke Torald Ezeran Throlar Germ And a Hit is a Hit, no matter which row, correct?
  3. "I knew I was going to have a headache." Zoot's Order, Orlan Varz, Back Row. Hoke deals Cursed, Fragile, and Poisoned. Are these all worth 1 hit each? If Fragile, will every Hit be doubled?
  4. All Hoke needs it Torc & Vipera. We are good-to-go.
  5. "I'll take a Mulled Wine and Ambrosia please. It's been a long day, and I feel like I am about to have a headache."
  6. "And what is 'all of this' exactly, and who are you?"
  7. Hoke leans in a bit closer to the mermaid. "There's a dead werepenguin in the square. He had your card and this poster. His target and his target's crew are in the tavern. You don't that could cause any problems, do you?" Hoke looks around a bit more, especially at the patrons. "Reference...Heroica. Try that one."
  8. Hoke looks around a bit as he steps up towards the mermaid. "Yes, first time," he says as he finally makes eye contact with the mermaid,"Sponsor? Well..." Hoke lays out the wanted poster, smoothing and flattening it out. "There's a bit of a mess in the square. A black and white beaked fellow, now deceased, was carrying this."
  9. "We'll make a Scholar out of you yet."
  10. "Hmmm...let's find out if this works," he says as he thumps the card. Hoke heads back to Madame Mihm's. He once again knocks on the door. "Enterprise" he says when the cyclops guard opens the slot.
  11. "Mayhaps it's a person or a location? I can't think of a word in Common speak other than 'Preinsert', and I highly doubt that's it." Hoke flips around to the backside of the card to check for any notes or clues.
  12. "Aye, as we all will." Hoke nods at the captain and signals for his crew it's time to go. As he walks out, he throws Amelia a wink. As they all step out, Hoke pulls out the business card and holds it up the the tavern's light.
  13. Hoke consumes the apple.
  14. "Barkeep, I'll take another one of those Apples and a Chicken if you have them." "I can respect that captain."
  15. "Well, we are still getting used to each other as we are newly assembled. We all have experience on different assignments and this is our first together. Our current assignment is one of ther merchant and exploration variety, but, as self funded individuals, you can agree an offer like this is hard to let slide," Hoke says tapping the poster,"Plus a tavern brawl does sound kind of fun. But honestly captain, is your man innocent of wrong doing?"