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  1. Hoke takes a deep breath and lets it out through his nostrils. "No, Madame, I think I'll be alright."
  2. "If that's good enough for you, it's good enough for me."
  3. "Thank you for your assistance Augusta, and for training our sorcerer in your ethereal arts." Hoke looks around a bit down at the Whaling Wharf, wondering if this is the right time to try to pursue the cutthroats of Madame Mihm's. "Do you want to check on the undeads' progress?" he asks Lady Umbra.
  4. If anyone wants to host a quest and needs help running battles or whatever, let me know. I sit on a computer all day. I don't have the time to build and photograph sets, but I am willing to help out in other ways to keep this game going.
  5. "I do rather enjoy hearing people employ common sense," Hoke says with a wink as he climbs aboard the ship from the hanging rope ladder. "I believe we are Lady Umbra, but I wouldn't mind taking another look around the island when we drop Augusta off. Something just vexes me about Madame Mihm's still..."
  6. "I'd like to know what your mystics find out," Hoke says as he hands over the book,"I've dealt with beings like him before and would be glad to tid this plane of him." Hoke looks around abit and turns to Lady Umbra. "Is there someone else we need to meet with? Do we need to scout any potential locations?"
  7. "He disintegrated into a pile of ash. The bodies of the Kappa fighters are still there if you would like to see to them. We left them undisturbed." "I don't 'suggest' anything. We were there, and we fought him. His true identity was revealed only have taking too much damage I suppose. He fought fiercely, but, as a team, we were able to take him down. The Kappa that were in the temple with him were surely under some dark magic. I wouldn't be surprised if his trickery was in this book."
  8. "Well, there certainly was magic about him: he was really a tiger-demon, I believe they are called rakshasa. I found this book after we defeated him. Unfortunately, we did not unmask him before his Kappa followers fell in battle."
  9. "They will return shortly. They stayed behind to explore the temple a bit. As far as Master Giorgione goes, what all do you know about him?" Hoke asks as he slides the arcane tome out of his pack in view of the Kappa.
  10. "Let's go." Hoke heads back to the village.
  11. Glad to have you back Flare!
  12. Hoke puts the book in his pack to look at later. "Let's return to the village."
  13. "I wouldn't mind taking a look around first. Then we should head back to the village and let them know what happened and about the tiger-demon."
  14. Hoke, forgetting himself, tries to help Lady Umbra dust herself off. "No, Madame, it wouldn't be the first time," he said, thinking of the wicked weapon, now an order hidden in his glove,"Or the last."
  15. Are you keeping those? If so, I need to edit the loot distribution. What all did Germ steal? "You were here to fight and landed to final blow. You did your part."