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  1. Don't see why not. Go for it.
  2. "See what I mean," Hoke says with a wink and a chuckle.
  3. Hoke and slaps the bar and laughs. "Yes! My what a strange a quick ordeal that was. What a crew too!"
  4. "It's all worthwhile if we make it so."
  5. "I'm say we are who we are: no more, no less. I am who I am, and you are who you are. We don't need titles or this Hall to do the things we do. Whether it's for the good, gold, or glory, if, in the end, it's for the good, what does it matter?" Hoke drained the rest of his mug with a deep gulp and pushed it towards the keep for a refill. "Hoke Ablesword. I believe I've seen you around but never caught your name." he asks, extending his hand,"But you seem familiar..."
  6. "No," Hoke says after swallowing a bite,"Either you're not listening, or you're not listening: it's about being honest with yourself. I'm not saying the Hall is or ever was packed with soulless killers and thugs. We're hired weapons for sure though. Name a single quest anyone in Heroica has been on that didn't involved steel or spell or at least the underlying threat there of. There is no shame in being paid for what we do. But you to say you are simply and purely here out of the goodness of your heart," Hoke scoffs as he takes another bite,"Well, prove it," he says dismissively with a wave of his fork,"There are plenty of people throughout this world without sword or armor or ethereal powers who do good."
  7. "There are always exceptions to the rules, but it doesn't seem like there is an ear here to listen. Wasted words," Hoke says as he decides to enjoy his meal. Hoke pokes Lawrence out of his 'meditations.' "Order a meal. Eat up. Afterwards, you and I will head out of the city for a bit. I know of a good place to train. You can only read so many books. Mayhaps it's time to pick up your steel again."
  8. "Well met there Annienal. Yes, there is all of that too. Maybe it's just the quests I've chosen; maybe it's fate. But time and time again, I've ventured out only for the story to change when I get there: I go to make peace, only to be in the middle of a war, petty lords squabbling over their pride, dealing with demons, or a little girl..."Hoke catches himiself and clears his throat,"Yes, many times things are not what they seem."
  9. "But would you have done them to begin with, purely to do good? Would you have risked all without the mention of a reward? And what are we risking? How few of us, if any of us, has fallen, never to rise again?" Hoke takes another bite and another drink, actually glad to have the conversation. "Neither is wrong if you ask me. I've heard it once said that 'If you're good at something, never do it for free.' It is not wrong to know your worth."
  10. Hoke looks at the elf again, looking over her face, her eyes. He chuckles, scoffs almost. "I'm still amazed that everyone who comes through those doors would think that every time they exit those same doors it's to be set to some righteous and virtuous task," he says flatly, unaccusingly, even chuckling at his own previous naivety,"Still, it's a nice sentiment to hold, hoping that what you are doing is for some greater good, out of the very own goodness of your heart." Hoke takes another drink and a bite off the meat of his delivered food. He chews for a bit, looking forward and then swallows, turning back to the elf. "Sure, it's a nice sentiment, but most of the time it's a lie. If we really wanted to do goodness, we wouldn't expect the reward: the gold, the gems, the artefacts. No, although we may do some good, we are not do-gooders. We are mercenaries. And there's nothing wrong with that." He breathes sharply into his nostrils, clearing his thoughts. "But, we have done some good. Some," he says, nodding his head. "Hoke Ablesword by-the-by. I don't believe we have ever met, formally," he says, extending his hand to the elf.
  11. Hoke turns to the seemingly perturbed dwarf. "I didn't say it was a bad thing."
  12. Hoke looks at the elf for a second... "My friend and I were just discussing the Hall from when we first arrived. It was never quiet," Hoke pauses for a second,"I am wondering if we went out and did what we came to do a little too well."
  13. Enemy level = X*PC's level. Seems to help with damage at least.
  14. "Quiet again," Hoke notices as he takes another drink and orders some food.
  15. Hoke looks at his drink for a moment, swirling it slowly around his mug. "I don't know," he says, "I just don't know." Hoke lifts the mug to his lips takes another drink, and sets the mug back down.