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  1. You wouldn't have such a large gap if you would have stuck with a PC.... ;)
  2. There seemed to be a lot of wheeling in dealing in the Hall. Hoke made his way to the questboard, ready to get out in the field again, but saw that it was empty. "I'll come back to hear your answer," he says to Guts as he walks out of the Hall and into the city.
  3. "Indeed," Hoke says as he hands of the artefact and pockets the gold.
  4. Hoke let's the marauder contemplate his offer and moves to talk to the pale necromancer. "Are you looking for this?" he asks as he holds out the Sigil of the Cold Circle.
  5. Hoke enters the Hall once again after a walk about the city. There was something not right, but he couldn't put a name to it. He unslung his pack and settled down into his chair to watch the flames dance in the hearth. Hoke notices Guts and sees a pack full of items he is not using. He makes his way over and sees something interesting. "What would you take for this," he asks as he holds up the Mail of the Renegade Commander.
  6. Almost feeling a bit ashamed for the spectacle he just participated in, Hoke leaves Simon and the rest of the group to roam around the town a bit, just to be alone.
  7. Hoke just shakes his head and steps out into the hallway. "We helped with your tasks, but this is all on you," he says as he leaves the room.
  8. Hoke scoffs. "What utter nonsense," he says as we walks back out the door, not waiting on anyone.
  9. Hoke continues to stand aside as the party attempts to unravel the riddles.
  10. "I'll stay right here," Hoke says to the hooded man,"But I will not help you with this."
  11. Hoke just shook his head. "I'll not hear a word this thing has to say unless it is to renounce Zoot." Hoke turns squarely to Simon. "If you choose to pursue this, I will not be a part of it. I will not add to that witch's pool of victims."
  12. "That's what the last one said that I helped put down. Toying with chaos, death, and misery aren't exactly what we are looking for." Hoke puts a hand on Simon's shoulder. "Let's leave this place, quickly."
  13. "Yes," Hoke replies as he turns to Simon. "We do not want to be here," he whispers to Simon,"We can find another temple to learn piety."
  14. Yes. Group of friends who can't actually ever get together for a game night, so we are doing it Heroica style!