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  1. Thanks for everything!
  2. Hoke smashes the bottle as soon as Simon's hand lets it go. "If those fighters would have as much as sneezed on you, you would have been knocked out. I'm not wasting my party's resources on you until you can prove you're worth it."
  3. [b]Q gets the Pickaxe & Gold.[/b] "Are we done here?" [i]Hoke asks as he sheathes the longsword[/i].
  4. [quote name='Alfadas' timestamp='1474022574' post='2658683'] [b]Torald used his Fire bomb, back row. [/b] [/quote] [i]Hoke sees as Torald prepares to use his bomb.[/i] "Put that back up and fight. It won't do us any good now." [color=#A9A9A9]Bombs don't count as Targeting and y'all can't take Free Hits very well.[/color] [b]Cleaner 4, longsword, front row.[/b] [b][u]Battle Order[/u]:[/b] Hoke Hecks Torald Q (if not KO'd) Simon - back row, nothing.
  5. [quote name='Lord Duvors' timestamp='1474127256' post='2659385'] Too late now, changing again will just cause more problems, make the most of what you've got now. Otherwise you'll just be ditching old characters and creating new ones forever. [/quote] And we already have a player like that.
  6. [B]Hoke picks up the Longsword.[/b] "Let's get this done." [B]Roger, Longsword, Front Row Same BO[/b]
  7. [b]Hoke throws his Blind Bomb.[/b] "Time to patch things up. Q - get pretty boy back on his feet." [quote name='KotZ' timestamp='1473363411' post='2653912'] [b][img][/img] [/b] "Uh, Hoke, [b]want me to do anything?[/b]" [/quote] "If I thought you could do anything besides blubber on and drink, I would have told you to do something already. As is, take a seat." [b][u]Battle Order[/u]:[/b] Hoke - Blind Bomb, back row Torald Q - Phoenix Essence, Heckz, back row (suggested) Heckz Simon - back row, nothing
  8. [color=#a9a9a9]Update?[/color]
  9. (OoC - I took it that you were going to offer weapons or just give us some.) [B]Repeat ALL.[/b]
  10. [color=#a9a9a9]Were we supposed to get different weapons?[/color] [b]Roger, front Row[/b] [b][u]Battle Order[/u]:[/b] Hoke Heckz Q Torald Simon (does nothing, back row)
  11. [color=#a9a9a9]Not to be rude, but what's the hold up?[/color]
  12. [i]Hoke grabs Simon by the nape of his neck and walks him into the arena.[/i] "Try to stay on your feet."
  13. [b]Hoke recalls Zoot's Order back into a small metallic orb and stows in back in his glove.[/b] "You're not getting this. I give my word not to use it in the fight."
  14. [color=#a9a9a9]Hoke got a Greater Tonic (Restores 30 Ether) from the Lottery and [b]Guffington's Seal[/b][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] (Proves the Hero is a Friend of Guffington. The hero starts every quest with one "Hero's Cocktail": encouraged, hastened, lucky and inspired), [/font][/color]