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  1. "Any place is as good as the other as long as we go to each one of them."
  2. "There's a difference between sticking your head in the sand and being on guard Madame. Why are you so eager to strike? As far as my dragon goes,"Hoke looks thoughtful for a moment, lost in time,"let's just say she, and well, she and another dragon companion of mine, are making allies and restoring the glory of her kind. We may have more help than we think if it comes to war."
  3. "Preparing, I have not problem with, but if you're going to make a decision, if you're going to spring a trap, it has to be with 100% certainty at exactly the right time. Doing it to early may paint us as blood-lustful butchers and lose us support from the people and therefore strengthening our enemies. Doing it too late..."
  4. The dark metallic orb hidden in his glove tingles as Umbra spoke. It began whispering to Hoke tales of glory, valor, and blood. Hoke refuses to let it in his thoughts. The orb's mental intrusion left with a parting shot: Coward. Hoke takes in a depth breath to collect his thoughts and slowly releases it through his nostrils. "I do not believe in being the aggressor, without good cause, and economics is not a good cause. That being said, I believe in peace through show of strength and actual strength. I want peace, that's why I prepare and train for war." Hoke looks Umbra in the eye, un-accusingly. "Why do you ask Madame?"
  5. "The least amount of 'civilizations' in the path, the better I say."
  6. Please wait for Hoke! One of the main reasons I am sticking around is because of that.
  7. "Thank you Broodmother Leda and Camilla for your hospitality and information. Good fortune on the days to come." Hoke nods to the harpies and makes his way to the airship, signalling for the rest to follow. Once all are aboard, he hands each party member 50 gold from Broodmother Leda's gift. "Madame, Doctor, we have secured the Siren's blessing of safe passage to all those that bear the Crescent Union standard. It looks like we will be headed to Babeleth next," Hoke says, looking at the other party members for confirmation.
  8. "I didn't look like you minded at all behind that cannon," Hoke says with a laugh patting the barbarian on the shoulder.
  9. "Yeah, I would, if it kept indiscriminately killing everyone it came across" thought Hoke as he looks once again down at the wreckage and bleached bones. "I wouldn't dream of it. I will inform the Dr and the Union of the...situation. Our craft may be outfitted with the 'songboxes' merely as a precaution." "We are most grateful of his new alliance," Hoke says as he accepts the gold. "We have a route mapped out," Hoke says as he show her the map and course,"Can you tell us anything about what looks to be next on the map? As the demon queried, do you have any suggestions?"
  10. Hoke nods, listening to Camilla's story. "Is there anyway that the song will cease? If not, the future voyages will have to be equipped with 'song-boxes' so the crew and passengers can maintain their course," he states, although he was trying to figure out a different way at the same time,"So the Sky Stone has something to do with your lineage. What would have happened if the Sky Stone was held by the Manticore indefinitely?" "Yes, Broodmother Leda, Camilla bears the Sky Stone. The was a swift and decisive battle with the Manticores. We worked well as a team, with Camilla delivering the final and fatal blow to the mother Manticore. I hope this is a good sign of how well we can work together in the future."
  11. Hoke brushes off the sorcerer, trying to figure out if he thought his opinion out loud.
  12. Hoke holds back a glare at the sorcerer. Ezeran seemed a sociopathic liar and a hypocrite. That or he just didn't know any better. Hoke hopes it's the latter and not the former.
  13. Hoke notices the harpy's cautious look and sighs. "You can tell me about the stone. You saw what I did to the Manticores, the same beasts that drove the sirens out," he stats flatly,"If I wanted it, I would just take it. But I don't, I just want to learn why you value the stone so much that not having it disrupts your brood's leadership. I simply want to learn about your culture if we are to have an alliance," he says as he boards the airship, ready to return to the broodmother.
  14. Hoke searches the Manticore's nest for anything unique or useful. "For future engagements," Hoke says as he returns the wink. Hoke examines the stone as best as he can. "Does it have an special properties or is it more of a symbolic crown jewel?"
  15. What a waste! You owe Hoke 50 gold. "I didn't say I wasn't, but lucky for you we are," Hoke says as he points down to the ship wreckage and bleached skeletons,"I'll be having a talk with your logistics chief." "What's so special about it?" Hoke asks. Hoke hands out a Venom to each and takes another out of his pouch to give to the other party member.