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  1. Why there are clutch gears?
  2. How many parts are left?
  3. Looks nice. Livery looks like on one of JOY loaders:
  4. Watch out for rubber chickens ;)
  5. Interesting idea for (your first?) MOC. Not bad for start, however few things could be improved. It seems that wheels are too small for this scale. Also there's something wrong with proportions of the windows and hood.
  6. What kind of wire you have used for side rails?
  7. Maybe because it does not need them? There's no torque from motors like in 9398 (which also used them). 42043 also did not used any ball joints, while having full suspension and R6 fake engine.
  8. Like some people in their WIP topics? :)
  9. Shelves. by Marek Markiewicz, on Flickr As you can see here, some of my MOCs are still in one piece. The oldest one is Liebherr L580, which is almost eight years old (but it's a empty shell - no PF parts inside). Same thing with TGS tow truck from end of the 2014 - without every useful pneumatic/PF part, but in 70% intact. That Sandvik loader looks like my old one 517L, but it is completely new model, rebuilt from sracth into Model Team version.
  10. Never seen, top secret set for Technic Anniversary confirmed? ;)
  11. It is interesting how those prices changed when compared to older flagship sets. 42030 price was set to 220€, with 1636 pieces (including full PF pack of parts). 42043 price was 200€, with 2793 pieces (only one L motor, but large quantity of pneumatic parts). 42070 price is 260€, with 1862 pieces (and it has only two motors and one receiver). So 42070 has 229 pieces more than 42030, but lacks a servo, L motor, and second IR receiver with remote, while being 40€ more expensive than Volvo, which was a licensed set.
  12. Thank you, I am trying to improve them with every new model :)
  13. Thank you for pointing this, however there's a large circle showing it ;) I'll try to make my instructions more clear in the future :)
  14. I should said that earlier, sorry. But I see that you have already built the most complicated part ;) Have fun :)
  15. It has a lots of useful parts, but those small wheels make building large model a lot harder.