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  1. I absolutely adore brick built dinosaurs, Ill be looking for the book, these are awesome
  2. Someones childhood collection for $140 (including shipping) 47lbs of mostly early 90s stuff, I've counted 21 sets so far, and I know theres more I haven't identified yet. Everything so far appears complete and in excellent condition. Highlights so far include the Royal knights castle, Armada Flagship, Slave 1 (the only not early 90s thing so far), the rock raiders HQ and the Deep Reef Refuge. Fort legoredo might be there too, but I'm not certain yet.
  3. I bought a sealed set once and it was about 2 days before I opened it. It was a fabuland set too, so pretty old. I kinda regret it now, but I also know that I can't have sealed stuff around. I did keep the box however. I had some sealed modulars I sold recently and used the money to buy used ones (and keep the difference) I have a few framed lego posters I like to look at, I guess its sort of like that? Just enjoy looking at them ::shrug::; Resale value doesn't hurt either. I was shocked with what my sealed stuff sold for, my goodness. So I'm guessing some people also view it as an investment.
  4. As a kid I always wanted #6285, the Black seas Barracuda. I remember being in toys r us as a kid and it was on the clearance table, on sale for $189 or something like that ( I think it was normally $200? I don't remember, this was in 1990 or so). I thought I might be short a couple bucks so I decided to put it down and buy the set I had already picked up that I knew for sure I had enough money for because I didn't want to be embarrassed at the register and yelled at by my mother if I didn't do the math in my head correctly. I figured I'd get the pirate ship in a few months or so when I had money again. My sub ten year old brain didn't understand that the ship was on sale because it was being discontinued and It was never on the shelves again. I bought a massive collection last year from an old lady for $200. Among the many, many other sets was my beloved #6285. I seriously had to not cry when I saw it,. So I got a great deal, but had to wait a few decades. :P
  5. If its under 13 oz (or 16, they keep changing it) it will be shipped first class and that usually takes a week or less. I've have 16 BL orders now fwiw, only one was slow, and it was very slow, but it did show up.
  6. I'm going to guess its the kid thing. People who react that way to me also seem to react strongly to my choice not to have children. ::shrug:: . Being a woman also seems to add a layer of "weirdo" to it for some people. So I present to people as the "childless woman who plays with toy spaceships" I guess. I'm just glad I'm born in this century and not a previous one. I'm talking about strangers or acquaintances anyway. Anyone who actually knows me thinks its pretty cool! :)
  7. Epic! I don't have the space for something like this, so I will live vicariously through you if you don't mind :)
  8. ha! you had a bit of every theme I see! Its good to see them all put back together. I'm guessing we're about the same age as I had alot of those myself as a kiddo. I'll admit when I saw that first post I didn't know how well that cleanup would go, I've reassembled whole dusty collections like that before, and its a TON of work... they seem to have cleaned up pretty well and seem mostly complete. Congrats
  9. That's quite a collection! I like the remake of the monorail train.
  10. I have a very large lot on its way (someones childhood collection) that includes the Jango Fett Slave 1 #7153 I also got a mixed lot for $30 that had several complete sets, but also included about 70% of the #7665 republic Cruiser in it. I think I can bricklink or sub the rest for cheap considering I think it sells for about $200ish . It was a weird lot that one was. The rest of it was friends stuff.
  11. Hahah, I love it! Unfortunately for me, I don't have kids to "blame" my lego on :) :)
  12. If people give me grief for "playing with toys" I simply say that I'm just building "models" and its no different than having a hobby building model cars or ships. For some reason that explanation makes sense to regular people. I think they imagine adults running around with airplanes in their hands making noises otherwise.
  13. I think the Cinema and Tower Bridge are due for retirement. Also freshly retired sets sell on the secondary market for pretty close to retail for a little while (not as a rule, but usually). So theres not a massive hurry unless you plan to drag this list out over several years. I'm not an expert though, I buy most of my stuff used these days.
  14. Yeah, there is a time frame in which you must do their steps. Its similar on ebay, you have to flag that the sale never actually went through, otherwise they don't know whats going on (and they don't care tbh). In this case i'd just call it "tuition". I made mistakes that cost me $ when I started selling items, and I just viewed it as a cost of learning on my own. In a year or two your mistakes will be minimal and you'll be thankful for the experiences. Best of luck to you. :)
  15. I have pretty mild anxiety, but heavy with OCD traits. My mind races constantly as I tend to obsess about things. While many people have ADD and can't finish things, I hyper focus instead, and wont stop in the middle of a project generally. I find building lego actually clears my head and gives me a task to focus on. Its one of my joys in life that I look forward to. :) Its a healthy outlet for obsession, and fortunately I have several healthy outlets. What little I know about depression, sometimes a change of scenery (going out) or people (again, going out) can help.