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  1. Hi all! Welcome to my page :)

  2. Very very clever!
  3. I really like the large trees you've built, good luck with the rest of the build :)
  4. simple but very effective touches. I like this!
  5. I actually saw an entire city layout for sale on Ebay last month that was 100% vintage original town! (they wanted like $1200 IIRC) The photos were of it all set up and it was pretty interesting to see. I haven't seen any on youtube however, if you find any I'd like to know! 4563 was my first train as a kid (still have it). I did just recently acquire some 12v stuff from a big bulk purchase and I am now in love with those as well. I'm a fan of running the trains underneath or even into another room. I wont have anything that big until I move to a new place so I don't have any experience actually doing it. The train guys on this board are great with that sort of stuff and I'm sure they'll have tons of tested ideas for you.
  6. I love it! I do a lot of the same thing with my own sets, take an original and "add stuff" to make it look better. This is beautiful and well done. I have this castle myself and will have to steal some of these ideas :)
  7. Hi! I'm a big fan of the vintage stuff myself. I usually just keep the vintage part of town on one side, and the modern stuff on the other, like it was built over time just like in the real world. I also like original MOCs with that vintage look. The only advice I have planning wise is to figure out your monorail/trains first and building the town around that. Its nearly impossible to do that in reverse. Are you going to try using vintage road plates and 9v trains as well?
  8. Cool build, I'm partial to these guys myself ;)
  9. I love it, and I'm stealing that chain idea. Bravo
  10. thats brilliant! I love the fins!
  11. I've seen a few offerings appear on ebay lately, perhaps check again if you haven't.
  12. I got a used lot of what was supposed to be city vehicles and boats (modern ones) and a very small mtron set 6833 and another very small classic space set. I paid about $60 for it all shipped which was already a steal for what it was. So I get the box open and start building only to realize and it also has #6928 the Uranium searcher, and #6891 (gamma V) in it!! I already have the Gamma V but I'll gladly have another. About two weeks ago I bought a mixed lot for $120 that ended up having the palace cinema, the black pearl, the ghostbusters car, scooby do car, hearse from monster fighters and other stuff I can't recall without looking. Everything is complete and in like new condition. The whole lot was 50lbs total. check your local ads guys, great stuff is available on the used market. Or don't, more for me :P I don't know if you are old enough to remember pic n save but stuff would show up there back in the 90s and I would think the same thing. Like why is this HERE? What area of CA are you in? Maybe I can score some myself :)
  13. I LOVE this. Reminds me of #6989. I hope to build a large vehicle like this at some point. This is great inspiration. Bravo. I also enjoyed reading your background info on the vehicle. :)
  14. Beautiful work all! :)
  15. your little signs made me giggle more than I probably should have. Brilliant idea and thanks for the smile.